Gabriela Mendez Photography 

Gabriela Mendez Photography 

I am Madison Jones, the founder of Girl Connect. Over the years I have experienced or seen many issues that have had an affect on the people in my life such as  depression, anxiety, mental illness, addiction, battered homes, abusive relationships, etc. I started Girl Connect on the idea of creating a platform for  females from all walks of life to share stories through expressive writings that come directly from the heart and soul. I want females all around the world to connect, get and/or give advice, lift one another up, share views or opinions on topics they feel strongly about, share personal experiences or stories whether they are good or bad that could possibly help someone going through the same situation or something similar.  Females can also share stories about their careers, passions, and  life journeys. 

Not all post on Girl Connect have to be positive. If you are expressing yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable you can submit anything with my approval. Venting/ writing is an amazing way to let out emotions/ anything you have been keeping inside. Girl Connect is an open book for every female to share a personal story. You have the option to be anonymous as well. Girl Connect was established on July 27th, 2016. I am excited for what all is to come in the future.


Madison Jones

Founder of Girl Connect