A New Chapter | 2019

A New Chapter | 2019

2019–a new beginning. A new chapter. I’ve always loved new chapters because it gives me a place to press pause, slip a bookmark within the pages, and digest all the information I just crammed into my brain. It’s a stopping point and a clear division of two different eras. Eras where topics are discussed and ideas are born. 

These chapters echo the author’s mind with such clarity and grace. The pages of each chapter clearly reveal the author's heart, and each chapter has a purpose. They introduce new characters and offer new excitement to the reader. They’re full of ups and downs, twists and turns--and just when the reader is on the edge of their seat anticipating, hopelessly wondering if everything in their story will turn out ok, brilliant light leaps from the black and white pages. 

Light that reminds the reader that the author has everything under control—He knows exactly what He’s doing. And sometimes, it’s way more fun if we don’t know how it’s going to end. 

If you trust the author to make each chapter fresh, new, and wildly exciting, you won’t ever have to worry about how the story will end. Each time you open another chapter and set the bookmark aside, know that you are in for one exciting story. It’s a thriller, a drama, a mystery, a comedy—a story unlike any other. A story that has a crazy happy ending. A story that never leaves the reader disappointed. 

So don't ever stop reading the book because one chapter seems bleak and hopeless—it’s one chapter, not the whole book. Keep reading and living and loving and enjoying the story God is writing in your life. Because if the story seems like it‘s at its all time low, the author simply isn’t finished writing it yet. 

I hope you choose to trust the author of your story in 2019 and that you get excited about the fascinating new pages being written in your future (because I sure am!).