Interview - Peyton Ganus

Interview - Peyton Ganus

Peyton Ganus is a entrepreneur, social media influencer, wife and soon to be momma! Peyton started her online clothing store two years ago, and since then it has been a major success. Peyton takes us through what a typical day in her life is like with being a business owner, and so much more! 

Hi Peyton! Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hey yall! My name is Peyton Ganus and I am from Chelsea, Alabama which is a suburb outside of Birmingham! I live with my husband Jake, dog Stella, and have a baby girl on the way who will make her debut in May! Jake and I are high school sweethearts, we met at Chelsea High School and got married right after college! I own an online Clothing Business with my mom which we started about two years ago and we love it!

What inspired you and your mother to take a leap of faith and start Thirty-One Boutique? What is the true meaning behind the name of your business?

I honestly would not have started the business without my mom. I was very sceptical and had many doubts about starting it, but my mom encouraged me and gave me confidence to just give a try with her! The meaning behind These Three is 1 Corinthians 13:13, “& now these three remain; faith, hope, and love. but the greatest of these is love.” We love this verse and wanted the character of our business and everyday life to reflect faith hope and love!

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned starting and running your own online women's clothing store? What challenges have you faced?

Honestly starting this business has made me grow up a lot! I've always been a huge home body and lived at home with my parents during college and wouldn't consider myself someone who takes risks or steps outside of my comfort zone. Starting These Three was completely outside of my comfort zone and forced me to grow up and take responsibility. From interacting with customers to building relationships with vendors, I have definitely become more responsible.
A challenge I have faced is that you can’t please everyone. My whole life I have been a people pleaser and hate telling people no or disappointing people. When you run your own business and you deal with customers, lots of people are going to be unhappy and I have to just do the best I can and try to make them happy while still upholding the policies of our business.

How do you think being a social media guru has played such a positive role in the success of Thirty-One Boutique?

Social media is everything for the business! Without it we would not be successful. Social media jump started the business and is the driving force behind our sales!
 You have to be on top of the social media game to be successful in this industry.

Tell us a little about a typical day in your life! How do you juggle being a social media influencer, wife, international business owner etc?

Well I have never been one to exercise but since I have a baby on the way I am trying to be more active! I normally start my day by meeting my mom at the gym, then I get a smoothie for breakfast. Then mom and I head into work and start the work day (sometimes I stop at home goods first because its my happy place lol!) I put up new arrivals on the website everyday and post on social media throughout the day. We have employes that fill orders which has been a huge weight off mom and I’s shoulders! At the end of the day I like to unwind with Jake and Stella and watch our favorite TV shows, we either make dinner or pick up something for dinner!
The greatest thing I have done business wise has been hiring help. At first mom and I tried to do everything ourselves and then realized it was impossible. We were working 7 days a week and couldn't catch up! We have hired a few full time employees and a few part time and they make our lives so much easier! No more working 7 days a week which is huge!

What's the biggest reward working in an industry you're passionate about?

Being passionate about your job is so so important and I am so fortunate I am passionate about what I do. It makes work easy and fun but also pushes you to be the best because when your passionate, you want to be the very best you can be!
How are you re-strategizing your business and lifestyle as you are preparing for motherhood?
As I said earlier, I am tryng to be more active! I joined a gym and try to make time for that atleast 3 days a week! Also hiring employees has made me much less stressed about giving birth because I know the business is in great hands and it allows me to not be there everyday. I can do some work from home but plan to get back to work fairly soon after giving birth, and I can bring baby with me!

What are some of your future goals for yourself as a fashion entrepreneur, and the future of Thirty-One Boutique? Do you plan to open up stores around around the U.S?

As far as future goals, I want to expand! I want to continue to step outside of my comfort zone and do things that push me. I would love to expand the These Three Brand and expand what we offer to customers. I’m really happy with how the online business is going and do not have a desire to open up a store front just yet, not to say I never will in the future!

What advice would you give females who intend on following in your footsteps?

I would say to surround yourself with people who are going to push you and support you! Doing it by yourself can be difficult and I don't think I would have made it without the help of my mom! Also it won’t always be easy, but push through it and in the end it will pay off!

Thank you so much for your consideration and time Peyton! 

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