Interview - Model Georgia Gibbs

Interview - Model Georgia Gibbs

Georgia Gibbs is a model, social media influencer, body positive activist and Aussie babe Georgia Gibbs! Georgia is taking the modeling industry by storm and has mastered reality TV, being on Australia's Next Top Model season 8, and Miss Universe Australia finalist. Georgia is also the co-owner of AnyBODY. AnyBODY is a positive platform that empowers females of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Have you always wanted to be a model? When did you get discovered and realize you wanted to pursue modeling as a career? 

Growing up I didn't have plans of being a model, it was something that always seemed so distant for me. Growing up I focused on my studies but always had a dream of having a platform to help young adolescents grow into strong, confident, young women. I was discovered on Australias next top model, even through I didn't do really well it made me realize that perhaps modelling was a career opportunity for me.

What challenges have you faced thus far on your journey to success, and how do you think they've shaped you to be who you are today? 

My road to where I am today was never direct, Ive had much more No's then yes's on my journey, and several times I considered giving up but I always took from negative experience the strength to prove people wrong.

How has it been balancing your studies with university and modeling full time? 

I had to pause my studies, I travel so much so it just wasn't working and I had no time for myself so I made a conscious choice to stop spreading myself too thin. I balance, my personal life, modelling, AnyBODY and other projects I have going on through prioritising what needs to be done immediately and plan how to organise everything else! I use exercise as my stress relief and family time as my balance.

How was your experience being on Australia's Next Top Model? Did you face a lot of pressure being on reality TV? 

This was when I was really young, I was only 17 so it was a lot of pressure but also a taste of the industry. This was also a time when an agency I auditioned for, told me I was "too big" and needed to lose weight, as a teenager this was extremely hard to deal with after I was bullied throughout most of my high school life so a compilation of everything together really knocked my self confidence.

What do you think has been your biggest support system? What keeps you motivated?

I have three support systems which are what keep me grounded, balanced and happy. My mum, my go to "give me practical solutions, helppppp" haha my agents in Australia, they usually get the "help me, I'm tired" emails! and my best friends, I have a friend in England Oana who regularly answers my 3am calls and is incredible for giving me honest advice. My Favorite quote "Surround yourself with people who help you shine"

What was the vision behind AnyBODY ?What pushed you to create such a positive platform for all kinds of people no matter their body type, ethnicity etc. 

My vision behind AnyBODY was something that had been in the back of my mind for years, the dream to have a platform "a safe space" for women no matter what background, ethnicity, body shape or size to feel welcome, accepted and supported in a community where we strive to lift each other. I think this was inspired by my own personal experiences with my body, my career and my adolescents. Also my sisters were a big inspiration for AB, we are all completely different, physically different shapes, sizes, colouring and mentally as well really different people and I saw their personal struggles with self love and acceptance and it always lit a fire inside me to try and make a difference whether it was through changing main stream advertising or making social media a healthier environment.

How will AnyBODY be growing in the future? 

We want AnyBODY to grow beyond us, we want it to be inclusive for all, about inspiring all women, encouraging and lifting each other and embracing their skin.

There seems to be a stigma on how models should "look" in the fashion industry. Why do you think is it so important to have diversity in this field? Have you ever experienced discrimination based on the way you look or have witnessed it happen to someone else? 

Totally, I definitely think this is changing, particularly in the last year I've seen huge developments in diversity and the industry embracing a wider range of beauty. For example, Sports Illustrated "IN HER OWN WORDS" the first time the magazine has included black and white nude images shot by an entire female team with writing on the body of what you mean, to you! incredible, I think its so exciting to see more and more women stand up.

Social media advances us in many ways; how do you feel being so connected through social media affects/changes girls self worth and confidence? Do you think social media has had an negative impact on how a lot of women view themselves?

Totally, social media is what you choose to make it. We all get caught up on the explore page but you need to remember to take charge of your social, if something doesn't make you feel good don't look at it, don't follow them and actively follow accounts that life and empower you instead!

What advice would you give females struggling with insecurities, comparison issues, and lack of confidence? 

My biggest advice, never change for any one. If I had conformed to what the industry wanted me to be I wouldn't be here right now doing what I'm doing. If social media doesn't lift or bring anything positive into your life, take a break from it, if you're having a bad day learn to use positive affirmations. 'I am great, I am strong, I am perfectly me"

If you had one thing to say to your younger self what would you say to her? 

If I could tell myself something when I was younger... Other people putting you down is a reflection on them, not you. Keep doing you and be kind to yourself in the process.

Thank you Georgia, Keep on shining!

Instagram: @georgiagibbs_