The Beauty In Boring

The Beauty In Boring

This morning, like any other week day, I was in the library. Going on my third hour of working on a paper (and not making much progress, lol), I found myself looking at pictures from my sister’s wedding this past summer--if you know me, I talk about how truly flawless this day was, like, all the time. And it was! God was so present on that day. Our entire family was together. It was a perfect 80 degrees. I got to witness my sister making an eternal vow to someone just as loving and faithful as she is. 

And it got me thinking...very little of my life has been made up of days like this. These mountaintop, magical moments. A lot of times I find my faith failing, it’s when life seems mundane, boring, routine, unremarkable. I’m great at seeing the Jesus in a beautiful sunset after a day at the beach, or a wedding, or on Christmas Eve. I’m not so great in seeing the Jesus at 3 PM on a Monday, writing a paper. But the truth is (and I hate to break it to you, but if you’re a human living in the 21st century, you probably already know this), that life is maybe ⅕ of these moments. It just isn’t reality. And God, like any good father, is trying to prepare us to be fully human in a fully human world. 

Life is made up of  very little vacations. Very little holidays. Very little 5 star meals. Very little moments of spiritual breakthrough. Very little birthdays. Very little weddings. If your joy, or worse, your faith in Jesus, is reliant on these moments, you might find yourself joyless and faithless. Life is made up of very many drives to work. Very many cups of morning coffee. Very many loads of laundry, trips to the grocery store, having to interact with people we may not necessarily like. But if you can find the Jesus in these things--the everyday, boring things--your joy will be full, and your faith won’t fail. It takes discipline to see the sacredness in driving to work, or seeing God in the face of the person next to you, or seeing the provision in another rent check miraculously paid. 

SO, something we should try to be better at: not measuring faith by spiritual highs--the moments that feel magical. Being aware that the same God that was at work in your mountaintop moments is also at work in your Monday morning. Be faithful with little, and He will bless you with much.


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