My year with Jesus -- 2017

My year with Jesus -- 2017


We went through a lot in 2017. 

I have never been through so much with someone and had their love shine through so brilliantly before. You have blessed me beyond word’s description. I can’t even begin to explain, you brought me to Iceland. Wow. The one place I longed to experience more than anything. You know my heart so well and you are so good to it. I hurt more this year than any other. I was completely shattered. No exaggeration, I was pulled and stretched to my limits and finally, I shattered, but you are rebuilding me, little by little. Strengthening in me your love, wisdom, and extravagant peace. I am learning who I am in you, internally and externally. My worth is being made known to me bit by bit. 

The ways you have revealed yourself to me are so overwhelming I cry every time I think about them. So good to me, Papa, you have been so. good. to. me. This year we dove into the dark deep pains I’ve covered up with flimsy band aids and dirt that infected them. You poured bottles of peroxide and sometimes even alcohol on them to clean them. Your light healed the brokenness I didn’t even know needed healing. 

“There is a place only You can go.”

You went there. You cradled me amidst my intense brokenness. You never once stopped chasing after my heart. No matter how much I kicked and screamed and ran, you still chased after me without a second thought. You are reshaping my understanding of your love. All of your wrath died with Jesus on the cross. The law of man has no room for judgement any longer. You only have room in your heart for intense love for me.

So much hurt and pain and panic and anxiety in one year, yet so much grace. So much Love. So much peace. So much goodness in deliverance of promises and provisions. So much hope to look forward to in the years to come. 

So much hope in my future adventures. In my future relationships. In my future career. In my future in You.

I am so loved. I am treasured. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

He deems me worthy.
He loves me fiercely.


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