Why I Skipped Out On College

Why I Skipped Out On College

So taking it back to high school, I graduated high school in 2015. I only attended high school for three years and graduated a whole year early. The reason behind that is because I was sick of school. I had no interest in being there, which is terrible, education is a privilege! I really wanted to just move on and actually start growing up. They say not to grow up to fast but I was definitely one to disobey that rule. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of great memories made there but after three years I guess I was just over it. So, deciding to graduate early meant deciding what I wanted to do after school earlier.

My plan was to work for a year after graduation and then start college with my original class. During that year a lot of things changed. I traveled a bit during the summer and got into a serious relationship with my now husband. I also worked at a music store which was pretty sick! I had no clue what I wanted to do for a career and I refused to settle into a 9-5 job. I would just go crazy. Then somewhere in the mix, I decided to move out of my parent's house and live with my cousin! It was such an experience moving out at 18. Let me clarify, I had no reason to move out. I just really wanted to learn how to be independent away from my family before getting married and stuff! My parents were supportive but also were saddened by the choice. I learned a ton during the time living on my own and it was great but crazy.

During that time I was working two jobs, saving money, paying bills, the whole "adult" thing. I eventually started playing around with my husband's mothers Nikon camera and really fell in love with taking photos. I then saved enough money to buy my own camera and new laptop and that's when I dove into photography. I landed an internship with a photographer who worked for Clemson University and he taught me the ropes of starting in this crazy business. I was such a "new-be" to the creative/photography community and I knew there was going to be a lot to learn.

Almost a year went by, and my cousin ended up moving and I didn't want to live in the house alone and because of the last minute decision, I decided to move back to my parent's house until further notice. Once I moved back I started looking for apartments and stuff and just couldn't really find anything that I was comfortable with. I was still pursuing photography and had actually made a plan to attend a community college for Visual Arts after Christmas. 

Come January, spring semester, I was literally about to be going to college and last minute I decided no. I did not feel my heart called to attend school. What I wanted to do was continue pursuing photography hands on, not by reading books about it. And I know that's not what college is. I very well would have gained a lot of knowledge had I attended college but I also didn't feel it necessary for the career I was leaning towards. I knew the way I wanted to learn was by physically taking pictures and building my business as my own.

With making this decision meant trying to build a business from the ground up. This meant not having two full-time jobs which also meant staying home with mom and dad, which wasn't a bad thing at all! I really focused on photography and what type of photography I wanted to stick too, weddings, lifestyle, portrait, street, the list goes on. I fell in love with shooting love. So weddings and couples became my focus. I eventually landed this internship with a known wedding photographer, Julia Madden Sears. Durning the internship I had gotten engaged and married so college wasn't really a thought. I had become pretty successful and knowledgeable through the two years after high school that I don't think I would have benefitted from college as much as I would want to. 

I have a weird opinion on the whole "college thing". I think that if you're able to attend college without putting yourself into thousands of dollars of debt and you have the time and the money then, by all means, have a great 4 years. But I just didn't feel like going sit through 4 more years of classes, teachers, books, essays, just school in general, just to come out with a business degree you can use to get the same job you could have without it. I understand there are advantages to having a degree, but to have a degree you don't need is just weird to me. Now, to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, therapist, all those careers that need a degree that's a completely different story. Like I said if you have the means then have fun!!! I don't know maybe if I had gone to college I'd feel differently but yeah, I am so happy and blessed on where the last two years have brought me and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So to answer briefly the questions above, why? Well, I really didn't feel it necessary for my career path nor was my heart being called to go to college. What about a job? I run a pretty successful photography business without a degree... Did marriage effect the decision? I wouldn't say marriage had anything to do with not going to college. I believe that if tomorrow I told my husband I wanted to go to college he would support me!