Being A Wonder Woman In This World

Being A Wonder Woman In This World


I recently watched the new Wonder Woman movie and could not contain my inspiration bursting from the inside out. To see a woman brought up being taught her worth, strength, and independence was riveting in this world full of male super heroes and leaders. But the message of woman superiority/dominance was not what was stirring inside my bones as the movie came to a close. 

The repeated message throughout the movie was “it’s not about deserving, it’s about love”. The only character who is able to carry out this truth was Diana Prince. 

Diana Prince grew up in an environment far from war and pain and suffering and the moment she enters the human realm she is overcome with emotion and empathy that she wants to hold every baby she hears cry and help every injured soldier she passes by. Her acts are seen as odd and frustrating by her male companion, Steve Trevor. Humans have lived in a world encompassed by evil and war and have in some form or another numbed their minds and emotions just so they are not engulfed with grief/agony at the thoughts, stories, and images of war and destruction. 

But Diana is able to bring a pure and new light to the world they are a part of. She longs to believe that humans are capable of good and love despite all the destruction they have brought upon themselves. And even if they cannot see it within or among themselves, she can be an example of love and grace for and to them. She has an opportunity to destroy the human beings that are filled with hate but refuses; as she knows love and knows that what they “deserve” is not what will truly fix anything. 

True love is sacrifice. Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, is the first example as she knows the pureness of her daughter and still allows her to leave her safety and enter into the human world knowing that she may never see her only daughter, and one true love, again. Steve Trevor is another major example of this immaculate act. He gives up his life to save a large group of people even though 90% of these were of the enemy and “deserved” death. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13)

The message of love is so strong in this movie it overwhelms me. Seeing through a major motion picture that love is truly what “conquers all” (and ends wars) is incredible amidst the world we live in which encourages “getting even” and selfishly seeking a reward or reciprocation for your good acts/words. Love is not about what happens to an individual who hurt you. Love is selfless and full of strength. 

The only non-fictional individual I know of who possesses all of these qualities is Jesus. A perfect, pure, and sinless man was given to this earth by God, his father. He lived out his days loving and healing everyone around him. His acts of ministry were seen as odd and frustrating by the Pharisees and others who didn’t take too kindly to this change. He then became the ultimate sacrifice, dying the most humiliating, demeaning, and painful death, anyone has ever endured. He went through it all because he loves us more than any human being ever could. 

Jesus embodies love in the way Diana advocates throughout this film and I strive to be a body full of love and sacrifice in this world.

I want to be a Wonder Woman in this world.

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