The Real You

We all struggle to find ourselves because of the way of the world. We get so caught with trying to fit in that by doing so we lose sight of our true calling in life. Everyone has a calling and it requires taking different paths from everyone else.

I received a challenge to tell one thing that I always thought was weird about me. I couldn’t think of anything and then I thought…the weirdest thing about me is actually being myself. For a long time until last year. I’ve been trying to find my identity as in who is Jennifer. It was hard because of the many influences I see in the world. I tried to be like so many other females that I thought were beautiful and had sex appeal and that was cool and popular.

Keyword: TRIED. I went through all of that, only to discover who I really am. A bookworm, a writer, adventurous, dancer, hippie like, an introvert, sort of sporty, tomboy yet sometimes girly, just an all around carefree person. All of the things I were when I was little before I let the world influence me to try and become someone I wasn’t.

I believe everyone has a hard time finding their true identity. They go through so much in life that causes them to shift from their true self to bring them to be someone that they’re not. And living in the world that we live in today, definitely isn’t making things better. Society is teaching us to be this way or that way. If you’re not like this or that, then you’re not normal. No, no, no. You’re normal. Society isn’t normal. The influence the world brings about isn’t normal. I believe it’s punishment from the world to mold you into someone you’re not. But then again, sometimes we go through those phases only to discover ourselves back at square one. Which is, who we were when we were children. I think children are more of themselves than adults are. They’ve established their true identity.

We all lose our way sometimes. But it’s our job to find our way again. If you don’t rediscover your true self throughout the many changes and phases in life, you will always be lost and you will never get back to your true identity.