We Are Products From Our Past

We Are Products From Our Past

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’ve all had to go through things to get to where we are today. These things shaped our character. The only mistake we make when we are “products of our past” is letting it eat us alive and define who we are. We let all of the things that happen to us live inside of us and turn it into our identity. Big mistake. When this happens, we start to believe these things and believe that all the brokenness is who we are. It’s so hard to see much else, or to see what other people see if we don’t believe it ourselves. So, we change ourselves unintentionally. We stop doing the things we love, we remove ourselves from social settings that once brought us happiness, we block out all forms of love (even self love and God’s love).

Once again, I say, big mistake. So the question is, how do we heal ourselves from our past? Well, for one, we change our minds. We rewire the way we think. We add a little more positivity to each day. We start learning about ourselves. We get ourselves back to recognizing who we were before all the doubt and negativity started kicking in. But where do we start? Well, I’ll ask you this question: What makes you feel alive? That’s where you start. Wherever it takes you is where you start. That’s the beauty in it all. You don’t have to have it all together, you don’t have to know where your journey is going to take you. You just have to start. Start where you feel most alive and go from there. I promise it’s worth it.

2017 is your year. It’s going to be amazing. You just have to want it and go after it. It’s already yours. Keep your faith in God, trust in your own heart and let your soul lead you to where you belong. The journey has only just begun.

xo, jas.

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Cover Image By Jakob Owens/Unsplash.com