I Am Hurting


“I’ve been hurting.”

“I’ve been hurt.”

Phrases not easy to admit. Phrases sometimes unable to be understood by an audience. But why? Why are there so many of us quick to compare? Quick to denote the relevance of their pain. Why can’t we just listen? Listen and provide a safe space and comfort for one another. 

When someone you love hurts, you hurt with them. You want what is best for them and the light of the world they deserve, because you love them.

If their pain stems from a mistake, you do not smear their mistake all over their face bashing them and becoming a cold source of judgement. They are hurting and broken because they understand exactly what that mistake has done in their own life and in the lives of those around them. They are aware. They do not need the “I told you so” or the “now we know what to not do next time”. 

Think about it, when you bring your hurting and broken needs to God does he sit and compare your “petty problems” to everything He has endured? Does he turn his back with a scolding and intimidating look you can feel burning into the depths of your soul? 

No. He stands and looks upon you with delight and awe. He is thankful you have returned to the comfort and satisfaction of his love. He is so grateful that you have realized that not a single thing on this earth can compare to the fulfillment you receive from his love. He rejoices and sings over you with gladness when you return to Papa’s arms. 

Life away from God is scary. It’s full of broken souls who know nothing except to hurt others the same way they have been. They know not of His wondrous love. They have no understanding of what fullness we have in the light of his presence. They have no idea the value you hold in the maker of the universe’s eyes. They cannot see what you are truly worth, therefore they mishandle and misuse your delicate body and soul.

Papa is good. He is patient. He is safe to be angry with. He sees you as no lesser or greater based upon the deeds you have done. He leaves the flock, He leaves the ninety-nine in search of you and your lost and wandering heart. And when he comes upon you lost and scared and broken in the dark woods of this world, he waits for you to return and see what warmth and safety you have been missing. 

“So if you’re beating death then raise your hand, but shut up if you’re not.” (Needtobreathe Difference Maker)

Satan wants corruption. Satan wants comparison, judgement, hard hearts, skewed views of human beings, idolization of the things on earth that Papa originally created with good intention and purpose for us. But never forget the One who loves you. Never let the overwhelming sin soaking up this world take your eyes away from the One who chases you to bring you back home, no matter how far you wander.

With love,

A sister who deeply understands hurting and healing.

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