Natural Beauty

Natural beauty, it's something everybody has struggled with. It's something that girls wish they could show; but yet there's the judge everywhere you go. Throwing you out saying wear more makeup. Change your outfit. Fix your hair. Just fit in for once. 

Then there's the guys who tell you to stop wearing so much makeup "you look like a clown." "Why wear dresses it's not impressing" "Wow you have no butt and no boobs" But here's my message to those guys: Sorry, I don't like you. 

They all kick you while you lay down in the cookie cutter shape that society fits you in, but there's one more side. It's yours. Take a minute look in the mirror. Realize I'm not going to be perfect in anyone's eyes, but also take a deep breath and think the only eyes you are perfect in is your makers. You don't need makeup. You don't need dresses or pretty clothes. You don't need that bra to make your boobs look bigger. You don't need those squats that make your butt bigger. You just need your heart to show you that you're beautiful no matter what people say. Just. Be. Natural.

Girls are told these hurtful things almost everyday. I for one have been told this. It hurts. It sticks in your mind. Boys do it as well as girls, us girls say things like this because we've been hurt, and want to see others hurt. But no. We need to lift one other up. Say natural beauty is the best beauty. God made you his perfect masterpiece! Maybe you don't see that, but I know he does and that's all that matters. 

Don't be the one who follows be the one who leads. Lead girls to realize they're beautiful. No matter how many scars, blemishes or freckles you have were all equally beautiful. Help these boys to realize we are all princesses and deserve to be treated like some.

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