Finding Love And Self Love

Finding Love And Self Love

It was time for a change. It was time to change the people whom I spent my time with, as well as the way I had let people treat me. You should always surround yourself with only those who are loving and caring. These people should not be emotionally or mentally straining to you, or to others. This is the key to getting through life (and high school for now). I believe that you will only truly be happy if you associate only with those who can make you feel confident and important. No one that brings strain or stress towards your mindset, should be included in your life. Don't stress about grades, how you look, and especially don't stress about what others think about you. Grades can only bring you down if you allow them to do so. Always, try your best and give everything you've got to the things that you believe are important. In the end, you should know, and please always remember, that what school you get accepted to or don't get accepted to, does not define who you are. I define myself as a beautiful mind, you should as well. There are opportunities for everyone to succeed and pursue at what they want to do with their lives. I believe everything happens for a reason, so if you don't get accepted, or something doesn't go your way, there is always something else to pursue, and there will always be a new beginning to start at. Self love is the most important aspect to my mindset. Learning to live and think this way has helped me overcome so many events and insecurities in my life.

My boss once told me that we all have a purpose for being here on this planet. He said that “We're all free spirits if you allow yourself to be, your mind is the greatest tool mankind has. Your body is just where your soul and mind live, you are a spirit sent to this planet and the goal or meaning to life is to find your purpose and to find what you love to do. And at the same time inspire people, help humanity, and show love to whomever you can”. From learning this I believe our job is to help others find self love and faith that they are important, and that they are special, and here for a purpose. When inspiring people to think like this I plan to generate a loving and positive environment, in hopes that the kindness will continue to spread from each person to the next.

Soon after I had decided to find new, and only positive relationships, I had become so much more self loving and overall happy with my life. It became easier and easier to sort out the people I came in contact with. It was either those who brought me down, or those who helped me continue my self loving lifestyle.

The day I met my current boyfriend, Nick, I knew he was going to be a big part of my life. The moments when you find people like this are so special and life changing. Nick and I have been together for over a year now, and I can honestly say we have been best friends since the start of our friendship. I have always had a hard time believing I was wanted, believing I was truly excepted, and believing that I had a purpose. As my relationship with Nick continued I constantly tried to make Nick be aware of self love and how incredibly spectacular he is(in my eyes he is absolutely perfect). In teaching Nick about the mindset that I was trying to pursue, he was always able to make me feel confident, love myself, and make we feel special. All the things I had wished for myself before I met him. Nick and I have spent practically every day together since we met(with the exception of family vacations he took that I had not YET been invited on). This has made me able to pursue only positive thinking and actions, because I am constantly with someone who always brings out the best in me. From the start he consistently was amazed at me: how I looked, my personality, and how I thought about the world (which are all things I thought negatively about myself in the past). Being with someone who truly loves you for who you are is hands down the most special feeling in the world. Finding Nick is the greatest gift the universe will ever be able to give me.

My relationship with Nick is the most amazing and positively fortunate journey that I have ever been on. We are so close and the best friends each other have had. We get along with each others families so well (almost as if we have always been part of them). We now go on vacations together, because a trip isn't complete without one another. We either do homework or have dinner together every night. My time is spent best when I am with him, there is never a dull moment.

Most relationships have a love language that a person must show towards their partner in order to make it work. These five love languages include: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. I believe Nick and I show all five of the love languages to each other each and everyday. Words of affirmation are spoken compliments, or having someone tell you how much they appreciate you. Nick and I don't participate in this to follow the “love language rules”, in fact we had just recently heard about these five things. We tell each other how much we mean to one another because that is the quickest and easiest way to boost one another positively. Not just when we're feeling down or upset, but just on a regular basis we love to say how much we mean to each other. And constantly remind each other how much better our lives our now that we're together. We describe one another as something that we've never had before.

I believe quality time is an important factor in a relationship of any kind. Quality time means talking intimately and with undivided attention. Time is at great expense with people who have busy lives. The quality time you spend together shows tremendous love and effort towards you companion. Something that I believe is so special about us is that telling each other everything is a huge part of our relationship. And not in the super attached, clingy, text all day at school kind of relationship you might be thinking. We are very spacious and separate, and in doing this, without fail, we are so overly excited to see each other every time after we're apart. We love the face to face interaction rather than texting, it makes us feel more connected. Whenever we are together (or on facetime) we can't wait to tell each other about our day and everything that happened (the big stuff and every small detail whether it's important or not). We do text about some things like “hey, come over” or “hey, want to get sushi”. But texting our feelings and experiences will never be as intimate as talking in person, and being able to look my PERFECT boy, my soul mate in the eyes.

Receiving gifts can be interpreted in many ways. Getting gifts is very nice and all and occurs very often in our relationship. But the thing is the only gift I want is being with Nick and having him in my life. This is all I truly need because with him in my life I feel complete and don't urge for anything more.

Acts of service is an amazing way to show you care. From tutoring, helping the other study, changing car tires, and Actively doing things to make each other's lives easier such as: tutoring, helping the other study, and changing car tires, or cleaning their room or car. Helpful tasks show your consideration and effort or time associated with the friendship. And lastly of the five, physical touch is an important part of everyone's lives. It starts when you are a baby. They feel love when the are held and cuddled and continue needing this type of interaction as they grow older. Sitting and being with nick is something I need. Just holding hands or hugging is so comforting, especially in times of discomfort or sadness. The warm touch of another human or even a pet is so stress relieving.

We both don't care what other people think, the only thing that matters to us is making each other happy no matter what. We truthfully would do anything for each other (I believe you should never be in a relationship where the other person wouldn't do anything for you, or someone who doesn't love you for who YOU are). We are best friends and connect on so many levels. I love the way both of our spirits are free, considerate, compassionate, and self loving.

Through my journey with Nick I have realized, and mentioned before that the biggest and greatest thought is that we don't care what other people think, we just want to spread kindness to all. Thinking back to what my boss said that the meaning of life is helping others and showing them love, would be incredibly easy to do. You can control and accomplish anything with your powerful mind. I believe that being with Nick inspires me to do good acts and be kind towards others. Nick is such an inspirational spirit and continues to make me aware that I want to help others for the rest of my life. I’m not quite sure what I plan to do yet, but small steps and helpful tasks shown towards others along the way will soon lead me to my purpose and goal in life.

Nick and I will be best friends no matter what. We plan to go to college together and in the process we will constantly encourage and remind each other to pursue what we love to do.

To my love and inspiration, Nicholas and to all the beautiful minds who need to learn to love themselves.

“The purpose of your spirit on this planet is to find love, promote love, and always improve your self love”

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