Growing up Without a Father

Growing up Without a Father

 Seven years ago, in March of 2009, my dad was diagnosed with stage four Pancreatic Cancer. I was almost seven years old, so to me it looked like a flu and something that would go away in about a week. As the weeks went on, I could see my dad getting sicker and sicker; skin getting yellow, loosing more weight then it seemed like he had, and more hospital trips then I know what to do with. The cancer only lasted 7 weeks, so we started to do more things as a family, like taking family photos, going on vacations, and doing things we had never done before. On March 9th, 2009 my dad had fallen on the bathroom floor and we couldn't get him up on our own. We scream down the street for our neighbors to help him. My father had told me to go to a sleepover down the street to release some stress about the whole night. The last thing I said to him that night was that I loved him; four hours later he passed away.

Growing up not having a dad was rough, moving away from people who already knew my story to people who didn't was even harder. When I moved here everyone said to have a perfect life, perfect family, perfect body, perfect everything. I came in with a broken family, no where near a perfect body, and the most shy personality you would ever meet. In the beginning of sixth grade, someone leaked the fact that I didn't have such a "perfect" family. I was bullied, made fun of, and harassed. People said I had the "No Father Syndrome." That means you feel as if you need to grab attention because you feel like you didn't have enough at home. Having my mom being a type of doctor was hard because she had to work crazy hours to where I really would be alone. Later on into high school, people didn't care about what I looked like or what kind of family I had. All they cared about was that I was happy and genuinely happy about living.

I wrote this article to remind people how ruthless it is to make fun of people who have lost someone they loved and that is close to them. You need to put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they feel. My father will be forever missed, but I get through the day with my friends by my side, I couldn't do life without them.

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Rest In Peace Dad, I will forever love you. Always in my heart.