Art has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember and has had a major influence on who I am today. 

  People usually look at artist and think how blessed they are to be able to render an image from their head and place on a blank canvas. The reality is, it took years for me to learn how to render things, color theories, and most importantly the patients that comes along with making art. 

  Although art has been with me since the beginning, I didn't get really serious about it until Highschool. I had a photography teacher who was always pushing my creativity and amazing painting teacher who helped me develop my skill further as well as inpired me to continue a career in art after Highschool. 

  I wasn't always confident in the things I created. At times I would stare at a blank canvas frustrated or have periods where I wouldn't touch a pen or brush. Sometimes I thought too much about what others wanted to see and not about what I wanted to paint and it prevented me from producing a lot of art. I learned that there's always going to be someone out there who can do something better than you. There's always going to be people who question your work, skill, style, but that's ok.  

  I'm a young artist who still has a lot to learn. I am happy where I'm at now and where I'm heading. I hope to inspire others to create and can't wait to see what lies ahead for me.

Twitter : n_a_hdez513

Instagram : kinda_rad_art