Why don't we see our own value? Why do we allow anything to get in our way? Including ourselves. 

We have been reduced down to a single aspect by the people we know. It may not be done with bad intentions but it doesn't teach us how to look after ourselves but rather converts us into worst critics. To ourselves we will never be smart enough, pretty enough, fun enough, kind enough, the list goes on and on. Then we are told we are too harsh on ourselves - to be honest, we are. There will always be someone 'smarter', 'prettier' and 'better' than us but that is not to hold us back. It is our duty to ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves - not a copy nor a comparison. An individual. 

It has become too easy for us to give up. Yes - disappointment is painful. It hurts. It eats away at you, but you have the ability to interfere. Do not let a moment of vulnerability hold you back from reaching your full potential. 

Yes, we are deeply flawed beings but my god, we are majestic, gifted and strong. Take this message away, 

Know your worth... now add tax. 


Worthy pt II. 


I'm sick and tired. 

How many more amazing people will I meet who fail to see their worth?

How many more physically and mentally beautiful will continue to tear themselves apart?

How many majestic beings' lives must be endangered by their own thoughts?

How many more until we understand the importance of self love?

We have learnt to love one another but completely skipped the paramount individual, ourselves. I have met so many people in the past few years, all of them captivating in one way or another. Each of them loving, caring and protective to all but themselves. It shatters me. They fail to receive the love they deserve because they are unable to show themselves the love they give to others. 

Rather than their beauty being shattered we must shatter the thought that "if you don't love yourself, nobody else will."   I have seen the effect of this mindset. It results in some of the best people I have ever met being unable to accept the love being given to them because they find themselves 'undeserving', they find their self loathing to be reason for everyone around them to hate them. 

Let us shatter this illusion.

Let us teach each other our worth.

Let us stand side by side and support one another. 

Let us help one another reach happiness and self love.