Pick Them

Pick her. Not because she's decent looking or anything that has to do with her physical appearance. Pick her because she's loved you every since she laid her eyes on you. Pick her because she knows more than just your birthday, and your middle name and all the basic stuff your friends should know. Pick her because she knows what makes you tick, she knows how you will react before she even finishes her sentence. Pick her because she knows how you get when you're sad, and that you need more love then you lead on. Pick her because she's there for you at the drop of a hat, she's your go to the only thing you love more then your car. Pick her because she picks you, every single time over everything, she picks you.

Pick him. Not because he's extremely attractive and you give into him weakly every single time he screws up because you can't resist those eyes telling you their sorry, but because aside it all he wants to see you smile he wants to hear you laugh those two things alone are engraved in his head. He sees you in ways other people can't. Pick him because he makes you mad just to see how cute you look. Pick him because he watches your every move when you're around, wether you realize it or not he is watching hand movements and who is making you laugh and everything you thought a boy wouldn't notice, he does. Pick him because he's picked you no matter how many fall outs or fights or stupid break ups, he always is back right where he started, with you.

Seeing people together and not in love, isn't sad, it's just a waste of time. Seeing people in love and not together is painful. If you love someone you should work it out no matter the obstacle or the possible disapproval of friends. We only get one chance at this life to make the most of it. Just like that one chance, there is a chance for whatever reason you never get back with the person you love and you miss them your whole life. Wondering, waiting when you will meet someone who makes you love and feel like they did and then one day it never happens and you want to be in love but you can't because you are still in love with someone else. Do yourself a favor, fight for it.

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