First and foremost, I cannot say anything like I am some profound artist who was just born for success, because in reality I am not, and my knowledge of the whole idea is limited up to this point. I am still a work in progress with high hopes for myself. Without a doubt though, I can tell you that my workings with art have made me who I am today. Contrary to what you may be expecting, I have no surprising back story that will make you sit there in awe, in all honesty I am just a mediocre girl who happened to find her calling in art. Just like anyone, I was not born with talent, it’s something that I’ve slowly worked at relentlessly because of my love for it. There are times I sit in frustration furiously recreating the lines of my sketches over and over trying to get them to bend the ways I want. However, there are other times that I am so pleased with myself and my work I can’t help and smile thinking of how far I’ve come. But just like everyone else I question myself and often don’t see what I can do as good enough.

This I find is a blessing and a curse, I guess you could say I am my own biggest critic, but that my friends, I think is the key. No, I am not saying to put yourself down all the time in an endless idea that you will never be good enough; I am actually saying quite the opposite. The mindset really should be: yes, I am good enough, but why not be better? Art has taught me acceptance of myself and my abilities but at the same time pushes me further every day. This is what I find has helped me down the road, and I think can help others. Push yourself to be the best that you can be. The funny thing about art is that it has all sorts of interpretations, where one person can see a masterpiece, another may just see scribbles. Now I challenge you to find the masterpiece within yourself, not everyone will see it but that’s the beauty of it all.

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