Talking Makeup With Mikala Walker

Talking Makeup With Mikala Walker

 Here are some fun questions/ tips on makeup I asked Mikala Walker! 

Q : When did your love for makeup 1st start?

A : My love for makeup first started when I was a little girl. My very first makeup looks would be mascara and lip gloss. I probably started wearing makeup when I was about 10 or 11! 


Q: Why do you love makeup? 

A : I love makeup because it's a way that I can inspire others and influence not only women but also men to be themselves. I love making people feel confident in their own skin. 


Q:  How do you like your eye shadow the most, cut crease, smoking eye or just normal pure tone mixing colors?

A : My favorite makeup looks have to be cut creases. There are so many ways you can make it your own and there endless possibilities when it comes to creating a cut crease!


Q : Which do you prefer to apply your foundation/ concealer, a brush or beauty blender?

A : Beauty Blender, no doubt!


Q : In your opinion, what makeup step do you think is the most difficult? 

A : Eye shadow has to be the most difficult in my opinion. 


Q : What are your favorite brushes to use? 

A : Morphe and Sigma brushes are what I use most often. 


Q : What do you usually use for your eye shadow base, primer or concealer ? 

A : Concealer set with translucent powder!


Q : What part of makeup was the hardest for you to learn?

A : Probably getting a proper blending technique down. 


Q : Who are some of your favorite makeup artist / YouTubers

A : My two favorite Youtubers are DesiPerkins and Lustrelux!


Q : What are some of your favorite makeup brands to use ? 

A : Top favorites have to be Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D, & Makeup Forever. 


Q : If you had to choose one makeup artist to do your face who would choose ? 

A : I'd choose @Alyssamarieartistry, she's one of the most talented MUAs there are. 


Q : What are some of your favorite lipsticks ?

A : I mainly use MAC lipsticks & ABH


Q : How is it being so young and receiving so much attention on social media sites ? 

A : It's very cool to be able to have such a large platform to start my career with. I'm still growing and learning everyday and it's nice to have so much support for it!


Q : How successful has your YouTube channel been with doing tutorial videos? 

A : I actually haven't started making YouTube videos, but I will soon! 


Q : How long did it take for you to get the perfect makeup techniques ? 

A : Probably about a year. 


Q :  Is being a professional make up artist something you plan on being in the future? 

A : No, I plan on opening a boutique and creating my own makeup brand! 

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