Have You Made Love To Your Soul Lately?

Have You Made Love To Your Soul Lately?

When's the last time you told yourself just how beautiful you were? 

How about the last time you told yourself you are worthy of the sun, stars, moon and everything in between? 

Have you ever taken the time to stare into your own eyes? Are you attempting to manifest your goals? Going after what makes you feel alive?

Basking in your own eternal light is a wonderful way to energize yourself. 

Loving yourself is more than just the thought of "yes, I love myself"...It only starts there. Loving yourself is an everlasting journey. You are deeper than you could ever fathom. 

The best part is that the only permission you need is from within. 

Once the journey starts, there is no returning...But how bad can it be if loving yourself is the addiction?

Get yourself naked:

Who are you when someone doesn't need you to be someone?

Step out of that reality-stained ego and take a look at your raw self.

You owe it to yourself to feel comfortable like this around other people. No matter what it takes. Now is also the perfect time for positive affirmations! I feel as though we underestimate just how powerful these are and how they can really shape our minds to build confidence!

Get down and dirty:

Figuring out how to love yourself isn't always easy, especially with society trying to steal your subconscious every 5 seconds. How you treat yourself and others says A LOT about you.

Here are some tips in case you need help getting started:

-Standing up for yourself in tough situations appropriately. 

-Taking time for you.



-Getting stressful things tackled before they become problems.

-Make sure the people you choose to keep close are treating you the way you want/need to be treated.

-Love the flaws of others. 

-Love your flaws.

Even choosing to do just a couple of the things listed above will have your soul feeling satisfied and rejuvenated. 

Remember to always follow your intuition and heart for best results. 

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