The Day I Lost You

The Day I Lost You

It was a Saturday. I went into work expecting to work a 9 hour shift that day, so excited for the day to be over because the biggest party of the summer was happening that night. Around 4pm my best friend, who had been staying with me for about two weeks, came into my job with a very serious face. She told me she was meeting a friend for lunch and forgot her phone so asked to use mine. I gave her my phone but instead she looked behind me and asked if that was my boss. Very confused, I said yes. She asked to speak to him, so I let her, thinking she was going to come up with an excuse so I could get off early and go to the party.

A few minutes later, she signals me to leave with her. I was extremely confused, saying to her “I can just get off a little later, not now. Its only 4.” She then looked at me with a very blank face. She said “Its okay, lets go”. That very moment, I read right through her. She was coming to get me to tell me that my father had passed away. My father had been battling brain cancer for about a year and a half until he lost that battle.My family took the first flight out to New Jersey, where my father lived. Everything felt so unreal. I felt a part of me die,too.

The day of his funeral, I couldn’t cry, eat, laugh, or  even move. I sat in the very first chair, facing his casket for 6 hours straight. I felt every piece of me go numb. I felt myself going crazy. Growing up a daddy’s girl, this was the most painful experience of my life. For days I would barely move, talk or eat. I knew my father had been sick for a while, but I had no idea how to prepare for this unbearable pain.

It has now been 37 days since my amazing, loving, caring, supportive father left this Earth. Having no idea how to cope with this pain, I decided to turn to God. I let myself believe that everything happens for a reason and Gods plans are greater than ours. I have now accepted the fact and I now know that I have the best guardian angel watching over me at all times. There has not been a minute where I haven't been missing you, but I feel so good knowing you’re in a better place now.

March 21st, 1971- August 6th,2016

Pslam 147:3 “He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds”