Interview - Maddie Brenneman

Interview - Maddie Brenneman

Maddie Brenneman has been fishing since she was a little girl. Now that she has had experience with the sport Fly Fishing she has turned her love for fishing into a full time career. I Madison Jones, had the amazing opportunity to interview Maddie about her career/ what it is like being a women in a male dominant industry. 

How old were you when started fly fishing and how did you start your career? What inspired you?

I learned to fly fish when I was 15. My boyfriend Nick taught me and 11 years later, he is still my best friend and still teaching me. I think I really fell in love with sport when I began to feel confident fly fishing on my own. This confidence was new to me and this inspired me. 


Where have you traveled with your career, and where have been your favorite places to fish?

I have been fortunate to travel to some cool places. I loved fly fishing in French Polynesia and New Zealand. There are so many places I would still like to go to (Iceland, Mongolia, Alaska... to name a few). 


How is it being an ambassador?

It's really fun to align with cool brands. It has allowed me some lucky opportunities, and most importantly it has allowed me to make a career out of fishing everyday. 


How hard is it being in the wilderness all the time due to fly fishing?

Not hard at all. the wilder the better! This life path has granted me so much appreciation for open land, water and wildlife; I try and seek it out as much as I can. 


What is it like being a young female with such a great career?

I am just doing what makes me happy. It's perfect for me and has taught me a lot in only a couple years. It's an unconventional career that a lot of people don't understand but it works for me and i'm thankful for that. 


What is it like being in a male dominant industry?

The role of women in fly fishing is growing quickly and I am happy to be part of such an important and wonderful change.  


What advice would you give females who aspire to be like you / get into the fly fishing industry?  

When it comes to fishing and the environment, take advantage of learning as much as you can from different people. I have learned the most from fishing with others.  

Thank you so much Maddie!

Instagram : maddiebrenneman