My Love Affair With Photography

My Love Affair With Photography

'Photography is a love affair with life' - Burk Uzzle. I've had a love affair with Photography my entire life. Ever since I was a toddler, I watched my Father photograph and capture my life as well as his surroundings, and always had such a deep desire  to grab a camera and capture my surroundings and life too. Especially living in London, that's full of culture and diversity, how could you not be inspired? Although I was always a subject of my father's photographs, I also developed an eye for Photography from a very young age. I've always been a creative soul and love to explore and find beauty in the dullest of places, and Photography allowed me to capture life as a creative outlet.

I have always made time for Photography, whether it's capturing high quality professional photographs on a DSLR or snapping shots on my phone. It's always been a significant way for me to savour life, by capturing moments and the beauty that surrounds me. Over the years my photographic skills have developed and I began to study Photography A-Level in college, which allowed me to have an enjoyable, creative outlet away from the stress and tedious nature of academic, essay-focused subjects. It's also helped me to flourish in a hobby that could be beneficial to my career and my entire life. 

I dream of being a creative director of a Fashion brand. With my knowledge on Business, passion for the fashion business industry and my creative flare combined, it would be a perfect fit for me. My love for Photography has helped me thoroughly in taking steps towards my goals, by enhancing my creative side and allowing me to explore different photographic styles - from people-watching street photography to fashion, portraiture and landscape photography. Photography is a subject in which you can become a professional but constantly learn in so many ways - whether it's learning how to work every setting of the compact yet complex piece of machinery that is a Camera, learning about yourself and what photographic style you thrive in, and learning about your surroundings. It allows an individual to develop skills of being open-minded, analytical, creative, curious, observant and so many more qualities and skills you can develop that will be with you for life. 

There are no boundaries in Photography. It allows you to capture surroundings as modest, or as outrageous as humanly possible. It counts as an archive for people's lives and family history, a pastime for busy working people, and  helps to make a living for many that are ever so devoted to the art. It's enabled me to eliminate restriction in what I want to do in life, and that I could always be a Photographer as a hobby or a job no matter what I do for a living. I am currently a fashion business student, fashion blogger, writer and Photographer of various styles, dreaming of achieving a successful career in creative direction which can incorporate a number of the abilities I've developed into one job. 

Like many other fellow creatives, I'll never be an expert, but I'll always maintain and develop my passion for Photography and continue to use it to thrive and flourish in my creative talents. To this day I still haven't mastered my photographic style, I believe that I'll spend my life exploring different techniques and styles and I'm excited to continue capturing my life through my camera lens, as well as build my dream photography business with my Dad. 

All Photos Displayed Are Taken By The Author