How Cyber High School Changed Me

How Cyber High School Changed Me

Im going to start this off by introducing myself, so hi, I'm Kayla. I'm almost 18, will be on September 28th (soon!!!) and I'm in my senior year of cyber high school. I started cyber school in the middle of my freshman year because I moved from Myrtle Beach, SC back to my hometown Philadelphia, PA and didn't necessarily like being the new girl or being the center of attention even if it was only for a time being. At the time I said I would go back to brick-and-mortar school once my freshman year was over because people were always lecturing me and telling me that if I didn't I wouldn't have a social life or any friends. My mom told me it was overall up to me.

So come the end of freshman year I had really liked the time I spent doing online school! It took away a lot of the stress I would have if I were in brick-and-mortar, and it helped me focus on my work and myself better. So I stayed sophomore and junior year and I still enjoyed it very much! Through those years new passions came out of me that I didn't really know I had. I started drawing and chalking and taking photos of nature and just appreciating life so much more than I ever did. That's when I found that art and photography were two of my most cherished and favorite things to do in my spare time.

Now, the summer after junior year was over we made the decision to move back to South Carolina. I was being pushed by certain people to go back to "real high school" as they called it and make friends and get a taste of "real high school" before it was over. For a moment I really was set on going back but then as it got closer to that time it all rushed back to me of how out of place id be and how much of an abrupt change it would be to me as a person. I was used to doing work in silence and not having distractions. I was used to just being with myself. The thought of being thrown into a environment that I wasn't quite used to or ready to handle scared me and I knew it just didn't feel right. So I decided to do cyber school again (a different school than Philadelphia). I let the stress go of people telling me that I needed to be social. What did they mean? Did my family want me to go out and drink and smoke like the kids do these days? Did my family want me to be exposed to drugs and violence and drama? I never understood how they didn't see the good in cyber school. I was proud that I never got into drugs or alcohol or drama.

At times it did get me upset that I didn't have as many friends as people normally do but then I realized the friends I DO have are real ones. They're not the fake girls and guys you pretend to be friends with. They're the ones you can trust and the ones that love you for the real you. I don't think I would the same person I am if I spent my high school years in a brick-and-mortar school. I wouldn't feel like I could be myself because of how hard people judge in that environment.

So today, I am loving art, photography and am planning to build a tiny house once I graduate (yes the ones you see on HGTV shows) and travel to pursue some of the things I love. No I don't have it all figured out yet but I'm doing exactly what I want to do without worrying about anyone else. I love the person I am and what cyber school has done for me. :):) 

 If anyone's in my boat or has any questions about possibly doing online school, hit me up! Also if anyone wants me to make them art, any requests I'll do it, and send it to you in the mail!!

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