Eight Beautiful Ways To Loving And Bettering Yourself

Eight Beautiful Ways To Loving And Bettering Yourself

“Comparing and Contrasting”

I know we’ve all been conditioned to comparing ourselves to others and who’s better, but remember there's only one of you. Stop comparing yourself to everyone and everything. You must understand that there will always be only one of you. No other soul is quite like yours. LOVE your soul and be in tune with the vibes it gives off. The more in tune you are with your soul, the more at one you will be with yourself.

“Letting Go”

Let go of the past. Forgive all the ones who have hurt you so that YOU can move on. Forgive because your whole self must do so in order to move on to start truly loving yourself. Carrying around anger and hate only poisons and hurts your beautiful soul. Do not let the anger someone caused within you to deter you from greatness.

“The Vitamins”

Now of course I know being healthy is one of the classics to bettering yourself in order to begin loving yourself so what better way start doing so than with vitamins. It's extremely important to make sure you are taking care of your body psychically in order for you to do so mentally and emotionally. I know too many people who believe vitamins do not seem so important and mandatory but TAKE THEM! You need to be the healthiest version of yourself.


No i don't mean it in a superficial way, but care about how you look. Take care of yourself, your body, and mind. When you feel good about how you look, you just excel with everything. If you’re okay with wearing your hair in a messy bun or going out in sweatpants then do it, but also if you want to go out with heels and a fitted dress then do that too. Put on what makes you feel gorgeous and comfortable because your thoughts on what you choose to do with your appearance are the only ones that matter.

“Try A Hobby”

Yes, hobbies help you when it comes to loving and bettering yourself. Everyone has guilty pleasures and talents so just let go and do them. You may be an amazing cook and don't even know it yet or even an outstanding writer! Try, try, and just after you think you’ve tried every hobby, try some more. Never hurts to try something once. Don’t go your whole life not trying a type of hobby because you're scared or nervous. You may get into a hobby, love it and think where it has been all your life and how you can't even go a week without it.


 The simplest yet most powerful one. Smile more. Smile till your cheeks hurt and keep smiling through the pain! I promise you, the more you smile, the happier you'll feel. Also others seeing your beautiful smile will make them happier as well, trust me.

“Guarding The Heart”

Yes it is great to be open and as free as possible, but do be wary that not everyone will have not have the best interests for you and your soul. Guard your heart, but do be open. I know it's hard to find a balance between guarding and opening but you just have to do some trial and error to see what balance works for you. Just remember, do not let people take advantage of you.

“Visuals And Perceptions”

The most important one. What you see and how you view everything will determine how you view and what you see in yourself. You must have a great perception of you in order to be proud and at peace yourself. Pay attention to the little things. Sunsets, the sky, the stars, nature, structure, and anything abstract. These little things will shift into a bigger picture and will make you see things as a more beautiful sight. The old saying “stop and smell the roses” is very much more important than it seems. Go by it and watch life change through your eyes.

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