How I Got Into Makeup + Tutorial For The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

How I Got Into Makeup + Tutorial For The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

I used to struggle with feeling beautiful. In fact, I would struggle with figuring out what beauty actually means. When I was in middle school, I would feel notoriously insecure about my looks, I was so focused on my flaws, I never realized the beauty that surrounded them. Because my imperfections were made so apparent to me in my formative years, I would notice and lament them every single time I look into a mirror, I was obsessed with the flaws that lied upon me. 

I know middle school is rarely a fantastic time for anyone, so I began my love affair with makeup in the beginning of high school. It didn't make me "prettier" necessarily (especially in my earliest attempts ,yikes!), but it certainly made me more confident. It allowed me to showcase my confidence . I will always remember my mom telling me "you shouldn’t be insecure of your flaws, they make you more beautiful, just because a girl has a certain flaw doesn’t make them ugly, some of the most beautiful girls in the world have big flaws, but that’s what makes them beautiful.” After that, I realized that I shouldn’t focus my negativity  on myself but embrace what God has given me. Once I taught myself how to contour and illuminate my flaws, it made me feel beautiful. Makeup doesn’t just make me feel beautiful, in fact It does more than that, it makes other girls feel it too. To have the ability to do other girls makeup is the best thing in the world. To make another girl feel beautiful, is a spectacular feeling within .

Everyone has his or her own particular set of struggles that branch from the scornful principles society has set up for us. We're all taught our "flaws," and we search for ways to improve them to make ourselves more self-assured, more endearing, and more seamless. We try to correct what God has blessed us with rather than, to acknowledge him for what beauty he injected into us. We as humans constantly fall short because there really is no single definition to beautiful. Society may tell us what beauty means, but we do not have to listen.

God has made all of you with such love, and I hope one day you will all realize, the perfect ones are always flawed.

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Here is a step by step tutorial on how to get a perfect wing!

Step 1 : I applied my eyeshadow & left the sides unblended! Make sure they are unblended!

Step 2 : Get a concealer brush with a wand, like this one! (I got it at the dollar tree)

  Step 3 : Place the wand on an angle on your bottom lash line , draw a line towards the end of your eyebrow with the concealer

It should look like this!

Step 4 : Blend it in! and draw a line on your lash line

Step 5 : Outline the line with eyeliner!

Step 6: Draw a line from the middle of you lash line to the middle of the wing line

Step 7 : Try to connect it to the your lash line

Step 8: Fill it in!! if you have any mess ups , just use a makeup remover wipe & fix it☺

Here’s the final look!