My High School Experience

High school is one of the most exciting, awkward, stressful, fun, and interesting times in everyone’s life. From cheering on your team at each and every sporting event, to cramming for your next test or the SAT, to spending every second in the halls or outside of school with your best friends, it is a time when everyone changes, experiences new things, and truly find out who they are as a person. For me, high school was such a great experience in my life and I wouldn’t trade the moments I’ve created and the memories I’ve shared for anything in the world. The reason it was so great was because I tried to take advantage of every single moment and opportunity that was presented to me in that school, and without having that mindset everyday, my experience would definitely have not been the same. Here are some of my tips to creating the best high school experience:

Get Involved: Now I know this may sound like the most cliche thing in the book, but seriously, get involved. Try new things. Find your place in the giant school surrounding you. I made the majority of my best friends from joining organizations such as DECA, National Honors Society, and joining the cheer team. It gives you a place to connect with people with similar interests and participate in activities outside of school and for me, it even helped me determine my future career path. I would’ve never imagined that a club about marketing strategies would take me on some of the best trips and teach me some of the most useful information, but you never know until you try. Everyone needs something to focus on other than all of the work needed for your next class. If something sounds interesting to you, try it and don’t ever think twice.

Find Your True Friends: That group of 30 people that you hung out with everyday in middle school will not all continue to be your friends in high school, and that is okay. People change, as they should, and find people who they can easily relate with and talk to and that person may not be you. This was an upsetting realization to me at first, but you eventually learn that your true friends will stick around through thick and thin. That being said, you should also notice red flags early on in a friendship, or even a relationship, and do not let them go ignored. Everyone makes mistakes, no doubt, but there is a huge difference between someone ditching you one day to hang out with someone else, rather than someone continuously lying to you and sneaking around behind your back. Never be afraid to let some friends go who aren’t making you happy and encourage new ones to come in. In addition to that, you must always remember to never burn any bridges, never judge a book based off of its cover, and try to truly take advantage of the time you have with each and every person you meet. You never know who will make a lasting impact on your life and you definitely won’t know unless you talk to them.

Do What Makes YOU Happy: One of the most important lessons that I learned in high school is that it is literally impossible to please everyone. From parental pressure, to needy teachers, to unhappy friends, there is never a right way to balance it all. The only way to solve that problem is to do what makes you happy and don’t let the opinions of others stand in your way. Date the guy. Join the club. Take the class. Buy the dress. Go to the party. Do whatever it is that makes you happy, because in the end it’ll always be worth it. By taking risks and trying things you normally wouldn’t do, you will create some of the best memories with the best people by your side. This was the number one way I survived high school and if you don’t take away anything from what I have said, at least take away this: You should be the number one priority in your life, so always take care of your happiness before trying to please others.

Although I can’t say that I would love to do high school all over again (because I am beyond excited for college), I wouldn’t trade the time I spent there for anything. Take advantage of every moment and seize every opportunity because the end will come a lot sooner than you think. The habits you create and the choices you make in high school will greatly influence your future, so enjoy the time you have and make it the experience of a lifetime.

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