Ali Life

I was in middle school, so innocent making videos and posting them on Youtube...then one day a friend came up to me and told me she had found my videos. I was so embarrased and I deleted all the videos, not knowing I would regret it later. It was sophomore year when I decided to make a new one. I was the new girl, and me being shy wasn’t any help. The only friend I had was my my laptop and my camera, kinda pathetic. I loved watching Youtube videos and I would always think to myself,“ that could be me”, now I can say, “this is me”. 

I soon made friends and decided to create a collab channel with my friend, her name is Ebb but I soon took over it because we went our separate ways. She recently told me that she is thinking about creating her own channel, so good for her! 

I decided to name the channel Ali Life, mostly because most people call me Ali as a nickname and because I have a photography business I named Ali Pop Photography. My videos are mostly curly hair videos because I am so proud of my curls and a lot of people ask and comment on my hair. So if you have any questions on curly hair, you can ask me! 

In the beginning I was still a bit embarrassed about sharing my youtube with everyone, but I soon learned to get over that. The first video I posted on Ali Life didn’t get that many views but I was so persistent on getting videos up for my 8 subscribers (mostly my friends lol).  My channel has grown so much since the first time I posted a video. One video I posted has got so many views and a lot of positive feedback on it, and I’m pretty sure that video is why I’ve been gaining so many subscribers lately!  After one year, in the beginning of July, I finally reached 100 subscribers, and now I have 123 subscribers. I am growing slowly, but I have to remind myself that you have to start somewhere. 

If you’re thinking about starting a Youtube, you should. It is so much fun and it’s a good way to look back at how much you’ve grown. My channels name is Ali Life, if you would like to check out my channel, and remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE! (Youtuber lingo lol)

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