That word has been thrown around so much lately but really what is perfection? Is perfection when you see those supermodels on the TV and you wish a million times that you could look half as skinny as they are? Is perfection not liking what you see when you pass a mirror and staring back at yourself in disgust? Is perfection not wanting to eat in hopes to retain the 'perfect' body image? Is perfection changing yourself, your face, your body just so you can finally like what you see in the end? 


Perfection is loving yourself. Perfection is loving all of the little imperfections that your body has to offer because they're apart of you and are what makes you special. Perfection is staring back at your reflection and finally realizing your true beauty. Perfection is knowing that your body is just fine the way that it is and that you don't have to change it just so you can achieve an unrealistic goal. Perfection is never changing. Perfection is being you because you're perfect just the way that you are. Perfection is you and you are perfect.

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