Tips I've Learned in my 18 years

Tips I've Learned in my 18 years

Don’t care too much. Sometimes that’s easier said than done but there’s no use in forcing things that clearly aren’t meant to be. If something doesn’t happen as you planned it out in your head that’s okay because everything happens for a reason and that’s just part of your path to get you to where you need to be.

Let go of the negative energy. There are people in your life that are solely in your life to teach you lessons. You need to decipher from the people that make you truly happy and are there to help you become a better version of yourself and the people that want you in their life for selfish reasons. The people who you need to work to keep in your life are the people you need to let go of.

Don’t be too nice. I know that sounds awful and of course you need to be kind to people at all times but when you’re too nice and do everything that someone ask of you that can lead to people walking all over you and expecting you to do whatever they ask, when they ask for it. It’s easy to tell the people that actually appreciate you and what you do for them and who’s just taking advantage of you. If they never do anything for you in return it’s time to cut them off.

Stand your ground. If you let someone know something is bothering you and they still continue to do it then say goodbye because they clearly don’t care to make sure you’re happy or have you’re best interest at heart. Don’t wait around for someone to act right. Work for what you want and say it’s now or never.

Don’t let other people’s acceptance control your happiness. There is always going to be someone that genuinely cares about you and loves you for you whether it’s your mom, grandma, sister, or group of friends. On a day to day basis people are stressing about what they wear in order to fit in or how to act in front of your crush in order for them to like you. Chasing acceptance leads to you straying away from who you really are. Be yourself. Not everyone is going to like you but the only thing that matters is that you love yourself.

And on that note the most important tip is to love yourself. There is only one you in the world and you are beautiful and unique. There is someone out there that is looking to love someone just like you (soulmate or friend) so don’t stray away from yourself or they might never find you.