How Singing Changed My Life

How Singing Changed My Life

As a kid, everyone had their thing that they were known for by their family and friends. For some it was sports. For others it might have been their drawing. For me, the story went just a little differently.

My parents claim that on some of my 1999 baby tapes before my being able to talk you can see me, sitting on my grandmother’s lap just chatting away. I was always a talker with a passion for raising my voice and oftentimes performing for anyone who would listen. That went on to the point that I was known during family reunions and social gatherings for being “that girl who sings and does that acting stuff.” At such a young age, my parents and I could never truly know just what my singing and drive to raise my voice would mean for my future endeavors.

During middle school, I began taking things more seriously when it came to singing. I actually started taking lessons, began auditioning for choir groups and the plays & musicals, participating in workshops and show choir. As time went on, I began realizing just what the art form meant to me. I was able to connect to people through song and watch so many different groups of individuals join as one to listen to a singular piece of music. That was inspiring. That is what changed my life.

I continued with my passion, going on to pursue chorus further and theatre throughout high school.  I gained an unbreakable group of friends as well from the extracurricular, only adding to my absolute love for singing and what it has done for me. Music meant that I was happy and brought me out of the sad woes that high school can occasionally spring upon us unknowing students. And thus, I made the decision to go “an unconventional route” as some adults have told me. To major in something I love:  musical theatre.

This fall, while some others are apply to just a handful of amazing colleges, I plan on making the journey across numerous states in pursuing my passion. My desired major requires auditioning at each individual school, with my list looking to be around 13-15 schools long as the major is highly competitive and there are hundreds of amazing students around the world trying to gain the same spots! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Singing and acting is what has always brought me joy in life and I have the utmost hope that I can continue to learn and grow as a performer in college.

Music is a beautiful thing. Beautiful. And I am so fortunate and grateful that we as humans get to experience it in its entirety.

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