Love Found Me

   The meaning of love has changed to society and has come to destroy its initial beauty. I truly believe that love is a feeling that is a choice, and sadly not everyone will experience the love that I have. Everyone deserves that person that is fit for them, and I found that. I came across Ben 11 months ago on the 12th of September. We made an eye contact that turned into a crazy connection between us that I had never felt before. I had been going through a time of losing my best friend, Laura and opening up to him about that had made me feel so much better. He was definitely an angel I felt was sent to me and someone I felt so comfortable with telling my personal things with. We clicked immediately  and a few months later, I started dating him.

   Then it only got better… We learned new things about each other, did a lot of things together, we were completely happy with not a worry in the world. We went through so much to get where we are today. No one could split us up from being together.  Along the way, we have lost people that didn’t support us and gained people that did. Special thanks to the ones who have always had our backs and led us to the most happiest we have ever been. Sometimes it takes some rough patches along the road to build up a strong relationship. They didn't say love was going to be easy. Every time I look at Ben my stomach creates butterflies, a spark in my eyes and my smile a lot wider. From the way he looked at me and the way I looked at him, from him rubbing his fingers on mine when we hold hands, or even the simple grin or laugh he would have, I suddenly noticed that everything about him was perfect. He has a laugh that is contagious, beautiful hazel eyes, soft touch, and his voice that fills me with happiness. I knew that I was in love by how his presence gave me a feeling of home and protection. And then realized I was in love with all of him and all of the million things he never knew he was doing.  

   He is the most caring, most handsome, hilarious, kind souled guy. His heart is so big and he loves all of me unconditionally. I feel like I have known him my whole life. No one will ever love this boy as much as I do, and I never want to ever let him go. I’m so thankful God put him into my life, and had a plan for us to fulfill both of our lives to be the best it has been. Can't wait for many more memories we will make and many more opportunities to steal his food!  

A relationship with God and making him the center of your relationship will not only make it stronger, but last. 

Lucky to be loved by you, Ben Pierce