Expression And Personal Style

Expression And Personal Style

 Ever since I could dress myself, I was testing the norm. The idea of breaking the boundaries had always excited me and still does to this day. I wouldn't call myself the most fashion-forward gal out there but I do feel my style is unique to me and that, I believe, is so important. Not only is individuality beautiful, the ability to be confident in one’s individuality is so mesmerizing to me.

Like every other teen, I struggled to find my personal style and to be confident. Eventually I figured out that no one else in the world cares about what I am putting on my body, so I decided to start dressing for me- not for boys, not for my parents, but for me. It's so empowering to finally be able to accept your style and dress for no one else but yourself. I  began to wear what I felt suited me in order to express my personality.

It can sometimes be hard to find pieces that aren't mainstream and that allow you to express your own personal style. This is when I turn to my local thrift store and they haven't failed me yet. Their intense collection of clothing and accessories seems to have so much personality and I think that’s what I love most about shopping there.  Not to mention, shopping secondhand is both better for the world and your wallet!

Below are a few pictures my dear friend, Kennedy Sain, took of me in some of my favorite ‘fits.

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