Dancing Through Life

Dancing Through Life

"Come on kid, This is your dream...”

If I were to pick one quote to sum up my life, this would be it. To dance has been a dream of mine ever since the age of 4, and word from my parents is... I was OBSESSED with it. I remember observing a trial class and screaming, “Give me my leotard and ballet slippers now!”, and that's when my parents knew. I'm glad I still am obsessed with it because it's definitely not an easy life. The amount of hours I spend in the studio each week equals or tops that of my parents jobs, the amount of social events i've had to skip out on is unmeasurable, and the amount of time I spend taking corrections and perfecting my body and movement is limitless. You are also forced to mature very quickly, for many dancers get their first jobs at 18. I remember being 10 years old dancing with 18 year olds with expectations to dance and act just like them. However, this has helped me tremendously and also aided my entry into competition dance at age 11.

The competition world is a very crazy, controversial, political, but beneficial world. It test’s not only your physical strength but mental as well. I've had a few struggles because of this but also many great opportunities. These include competing against some for the best dancers around the country. Some of my favorite and most recognizable competitions include: The Youth American Grand Prix. This is the most prestigious competition because it is held world wide. When i was 14, I placed in the top 12 for females aged 12-14 and when I was 15, I placed top 12 and earned 2nd place for females aged 15-19; The Dance Awards. To be invited you must earn a scholarship from one of their 3 touring regional competitions throughout the year which all come together in the summer for The Dance Awards. I know this sounds very confusing, but long story short... lots of dancers=lots of competition! Here, I have placed in the top 20 females aged 13-15 and top 20 females aged 16-18! Lastly (but certainly not least) is the New York City Dance Alliance. The invitation process here works the same as mentioned in the previous competition and this summer I placed in the top 12 females aged 16-18! I am so grateful to have worked to achieve these achievements, but it's not always about the trophies and titles.

Dance has opened me up to amazing opportunities and experiences. From the age of 11, I have had the opportunity to audition for major broadway shows and musicals, tv shows, and touring artists. Dance has also set me up for a great future. This summer I was seen by colleges across the country in hopes of attaining acceptances and scholarships. Thankfully I have been made offers by 4 colleges with scholarship money to continue my dance dream. None of these accomplishments would have been possible in my life without dedication, passion, and sacrifice. I'm glad I never lost sight of my dancing dream and am so glad I get to continue it in the future!

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