My Healthy Relationship

My Healthy Relationship

 My Healthy Relationship.

I had been talking to another guy for a few weeks until I met my boyfriend Anthony. I had met Anthony in early October of 2014, he was a sophomore while I was just a freshman coming into high school. The first time I met him my feelings for the other guy had totally gone away. Anthony and I started hanging out more and more with our mutual friends, and I instantly caught feelings for him. As days went by we got closer, and It had felt like I known him for years. I was able to be my crazy self around him and I always felt comfortable with him. On Halloween we were cuddling on the couch together when he looked at me and asked me to be his girlfriend.

At first I was nervous because we hadn't known each other for that long but since I felt so comfortable with him I said yes. Days went by and I started telling our friends, and everyone was shocked. Most of them thought we would only last about 2 weeks, but they were wrong. Weeks went by then months, and the feelings I had for him just kept growing stronger and stronger. He became my best-friend. Life with him just felt so perfect. After many months of dating before he left my house he told me he loved me. I was in complete shock because I had felt the exact same way about him. We kept growing together, and then just like that it was our one year of being together.

After a year of being together we started arguing more than usual. We became so protective over each other, and we both got mad over little things which led into many arguments. No matter how bad the argument He and I both just didn't want to give up on each other so we always stopped and listened to what we both had to say. No matter what Anthony has never given up on me, and he always talks to me about having a future together after high school. We have grown together these past two years, and I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend/best-friend.  

Relationships aren't easy but as long as your love for each other is equal then you can both overcome anything. I never expected to be so involved with someone so early on in my life, but I wouldn't want it any other way. My family loves Anthony just as much as I do, he is very respectful towards my parents, and good with my baby brother. What more could a girl ask for? haha. Having a healthy relationship is very important, but you should always know your worth and never settle for less. People come and go but there is someone special for everybody. If your relationship is toxic, and you are not happy, it is not healthy for you nor your partner. Sometimes letting go is the best thing for a person as well as the relationship. 

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