Being blinded by love is one of the worst things that can ever happen to someone in a relationship. 

I was involved in a long distance relationship for 10 months. In the beginning, everything was "perfect". Towards the end... everything began to crumble. 

While I was away, he was being unfaithful and very disrespectful towards me. Every time we were together everything seemed so "perfect". All the times I would visit him, we would indulge in sexual activities. Every time I went back home, he would continue to be unfaithful. I never knew why I put myself through anything like that, but I was so blind. 

When I got home after spring break, I had realized that I missed my menstrual cycle. I didn't think anything of it until my stomach began to hurt really bad. Worst than any pain I have ever felt before. I tried to use the bathroom to see if I could relieve the pain, and a red blob fell into the toilet. I was wondering if it was just my period but I was actually having a miscarriage.

When I told my ex boyfriend that I had missed my period, he tried to blame everything on me. He made me feel really bad about myself, and the whole situation. He never did anything to comfort me or even asked if I was okay. Instead he said some very disrespectful words that should have never been said. After I told him about the miscarriage he actually said that he was happy it happened. I had never felt so low in my life, I allowed another human to let me lose site of who I truly was. 

The moral of this story is never let love blind you to the extent of where you lose yourself / self -respect, and never settle for less. Always know your worth. ♡

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