My Soccer Journey

Who knew the sport I grew up to love would bring me to this amazing opportunity…I started playing soccer at the age of 6 but little did I know did I know this sport that started as a hobby would become so prominent in my life. When I first started playing I joined the women’s soccer program at CASL and continued throughout the years making it to the top team in the club. I started to appreciate the game so much more the older I got, seeing my older sister get a soccer scholarship to play at UNCW really opened my eyes. I knew at that very moment I wanted to follow a similar path. Why wouldn’t I play the game I loved for as long as I could? I knew that with this goal of mine it came with lots of hard work and effort in order to reach it. This meant missing social events, waking up early every day to get in the extra practice outside of practice I had the day, and many travel trips around the country. It was tough and beat me down at times. It made me truly consider if I wanted to give up so much of my social life to keep playing soccer. After multiple weeks of figuring out what I wanted to do I realized that I wasn’t going to give up my goal of playing at the collegiate level and was going to do whatever it took.

I knew my best friends were going to stick by me no matter what…even if it meant not seeing them as much as we wished we could. With the support of my family, coaches, teammates, and friends I was able to push myself throughout my high school years harder than I ever thought I could. My travel team began to travel almost every weekend either by bus or plane to compete with the top 20 teams in the country to show off our talents to college recruits. Playing in a game and looking on the sideline at all the college coaches that were there to watch me was stressful but it made me push myself even harder. The recruitment process was long and stressful. The process consisted of calling college coaches almost every night and constant emails back and forth. Although the process was tough at times, I’m so grateful for it and all of the memories it has brought me. Because of all those times that I pushed myself and all the opportunities given by coaches I now reached my goal of getting to play d1 soccer. I’m so excited to be a mountaineer and can’t wait to continue my soccer journey!

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