Invest In Yourself

You are beautiful, I'm not going lie to you and say that you match everyone's definition, it's highly likely that you don't match society's idea of beautiful because guess what? Very few people do. Stop comparing yourself to the women you see in magazines because they don't even look like themselves, they have had so much retouching and photoshop on those pictures. Those women's careers have become dependant on their bodies hence surgery, waist trainers, dieting, excessive exercise, etc. 

The average woman in the UK is a size 14-16 (US: 10-12) and the average woman in the US is a size 16-18 (US: 12-14) and unfortunately this representation is not shown in fashion, music and movies. The 'Curvy Barbie' is a size 6/8 (2-4) and I can tell you right now that is no where near 'curvy', from a young age we have been taught that we could never be skinny enough but when I was 10 I was picked on for being too skinny? Now I've had family members pick on me for being bigger than my sister but I am simultaneously told that I need to gain more weight. As long as we are healthy our weight is not an issue, especially not to anyone other than ourselves. 

Men are picked on for not being tall enough or because they do not have enough muscle or because their jaw lines do not look as though they chew gum for a living. As women we are taught that we are unfeminine and undesirable if we have smaller breasts and small bums, we are told 'real women have curves' but being 'thick' is only valued its in our hips, breasts, bums. We have had our features picked apart piece by piece, people have noticed our supposed flaws and haven't been afraid to point them out and remind us. 

We have been given negative connotations to the word 'fat' but if we go years back the fat girls would be seen as the beautiful goddesses they are. Black women have been mocked for their large lips for centuries ( by people including the black men who share the same features ) yet now everyone is getting lip fillers and over lining their lips in order to achieve fuller looking lips. My middle eastern women have been mocked in their childhood for their thick and full eyebrows but now after they have spent years slowly thinning them out we have become surrounded with eyebrow gels, pencils and tutorials. Girls spent years losing weight to become skinny and now people hype up big breasts and bums which require large amounts of fat ( but of course those are the only places it's accepted.)

Point is all the things you've been taught to hate about yourself have either been fetished at some point in time or will be so you might as well rock it now. 

You are so used to yourself you have no idea how beautiful strangers and those around you see you. 

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