My Salvation Journey

My Salvation Journey

Growing up I believed that once you got saved an angel would swan dive into your heart and instantly make you perfect. I don't know your salvation story, but that definitely did not happen to me. I don't remember exactly when I accepted Jesus as my Savior, but I remember the day I decided to live for Him and let Him fill my emptiness forever. Back in 2015 I had no idea that giving my "yes" to God would allow Him to completely turn my life around. So buckle up and watch how God turned my life of sin and lukewarmness (not a word, but let's just roll with it) into an amazing testimony that only He could have orchestrated. 

To my Heavenly Father, You have been way too good to me! Thank You for new life. Thank You for pursuing me. Thank You for not giving up on me even when I wanted to give up on You. Thank You for being the Father I needed. Thank You for not letting sin take my life.  I love You. All of the glory, honor, and praise belongs to You. Please change someone's life with this testimony. Amen.
Many people do not know this, but for much of my life I was caught up in sexual sin. Premature introduction to  pornography, hardheadedness, and a longing for the void left in me when my father was murdered to be filled fueled my impurity. 

It wasn't until I was crying uncontrollably one day in my dorm room that God sent my final wake up call regarding my life of sin. A diagnosis of depression is what pushed me to focus on God and led me to allow Him to be my everything. Depression hurts. Like the pain is inexplicable, but it fills me joy to know that God put enough faith within me and the people around me to get through it (Hallelujah!). I felt so purposeless in my depression, but one day God put it on my heart to talk about Him on Twitter. I was so scared, but God did not allow my fear to outweigh my faith. Ever since then God has allowed me to share His Word, His love, and His lessons to people all over the world through my little Twitter account! God has blessed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Who knew that the girl who was addicted to porn, always partying, and laid up with a different dude every week would be a vessel that God actually wanted to use for His glory!? 

I am so proud to give glory to the God who has fully delivered me from my life of sin . I am deeply in love with my Jesus and I will never go back to my old life! I cannot believe that with each sin and mistake Jesus was pursuing me and interceding to the Father on my behalf. The discipline that I experienced in my past life was only meant to change me and get me to where I am now. And if He turned my life around, then He will do the same for you! It is not about your sins; it's about your willingness to accept Christ and let Him use you for HIs glory. You're never too dirty or too sinful for God to use you. 

To anyone who is afraid to share his/her testimony, ask God to lead you to the time, place, and people to share it with. Jesus died so that my sins and your sins would be COMPLETELY  paid for. Leave the shame and guilt in the past. God has given you new life, and the people who may judge you do not have a heaven or hell to put you in! God loves you, I love you, and use today to begin walking boldly in all of the love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy that God has for you! 

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