Lighting The Path Forward

Lighting The Path Forward

Imagine you’re in a forest blindfolded. You are trying to reach the top of a mountain. You’ve heard that the view from the peak is amazing. The temperature can get a tad bit hot, sometimes too cold and yes it rains but it is a pretty awesome place to be most of the time so you want to get there fast.

So you’re in the forest blindfolded trying to get to the top of this mountain and you hear voices in the distance. You begin walking towards where you think the voices are coming from which also coincides with what you’ve assumed is the direction to get to the top of the mountain. You call out and the voices go quiet. A bit of hopelessness begins to set in but you press forward. Aching pains in your feet and briars tearing at your legs, you take a few more steps and fall. You tumble down a hill then land on your feet. Now you’re even lower than when you began, with bumps, scratches and bruises. 

Here’s where we can be a light. 

I am on top of the mountain and I see you trying to make your way. I see you stumble and fall. I know you are putting forth every effort to reach the summit. I call out to you – Madison! Hey, Madison! Disheveled but still very much eager to move forward, I see you smile and lift your head to the sky toward the direction of my voice. “Turn left and climb back up the hill. When you reach the gravel, turn right and take about 20 steps.” 

As directed, you begin to climb and get closer. You hear another voice that seems to come from lower ground, ‘Hey Madison, you’re approaching a steep hill, so you’ll need to bear down. Hang in there’ and another voice from afar, ‘ should prepare to swim across the creek, ...there’s a slight undertow’ and yet another from behind you…’if you want to take the bridge, it’s a bit longer but it may be easier', then another, ‘I’ve never been down this road but I hear it’s amazing…. Don’t give up! Keep going!’. You stand for a moment, encouraged by the support and direction of everyone, a bit confused … which is the best way? … and then for a moment, doubt. Doubt settles in. Is there another way I don’t know about? Is there an even better way? 

Life can be a lot like that if we decide to be open to receiving light and when we make the decision to be a light. To pitch in and help each other out no matter where we are on our journey.

I yell out, ‘Hey Madison, we’ll be here when you arrive. Let us know if you need anything on your way up. Take your time…’ in hopes that my voice is a light in the darkness. Thru our support, I hope that we are giving you the confidence you need to charge forward keep climbing. We have to support each other. And if you tumble down another hill, rise to your feet, dust off and climb back up. Keep pressing forward and listen for the voices to light your path forward. On your journey, you will surely meet someone wandering around in the darkness; maybe even blindfolded, decide to be a light. No matter where you are in life, you can always be a light. xoxox ©Pending Keisha Richard.