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During Christmas season in the year of 2005, my mother bought different art materials for me to explore. Only at the age of 8 years old, a box of beads became very handy because I was so interested in making earrings. Although I did not have any major jewelry supplies, I worked with what I had, which was beads, string, and earring hooks. Spending hours of trying to make a pair of earrings completely of string, I found a talent that carries on to this day.

Over the years, I continued to create handmade jewelry, becoming more of a professional jeweler. Not one time I thought about turning it into a business until I met this sweet lady at an organization. As we were cleaning, I explained to her that I was creating jewelry, and I have a ton of them. She told me to bring the jewelry the next day, and she will look at them. That next day, she bought a lot of jewelry, and I did not have any prices together because I was not expecting for her to buy anything. So I allowed her to give me an offer, and I accepted it. From that day forward, I became very interested in the business. I was only 13 years old, and the director of the organization allowed me to sell my products. Not only I was able to sell, but people asked me to repair their old jewelry! This was very exciting to me, and a few years later, I wanted to take it a step further. This opportunity led me to name my business Kia’s Jewels, and I am the head jeweler, jeweler marketer, sales coordinator, sole owner, and employee. I must say that I am a very busy person due to business traveling, taking calls and emails, creating jewelry, managing social media and managing college; therefore, I had to give up on many fun activities. Making those sacrifices, Kia’s Jewels has been featured in boutiques and sold over 400 products. Since my business was rising tremendously, I created my official website:

The challenges I faced in Kia’s Jewels.

Through the process of building my brand, Kia’s Jewels, challenges built me into a stronger individual as a business owner and a regular person. While in the beginning stages, I was so excited because everyone was complimenting my work but adversity got my attention when small amount of people bought my products. I have met customers that had little hope in my dreams. I could tell by their responses, and they may have thought I was just a little girl that wanted to make fast money. However, I had a dream that was far more greater than making quick money. Many people did not take me nor my business serious until I began taking moves to the next level.

In high school, I was invited to participate in an awareness event, and I was extremely excited, but I only had two weeks to have enough jewelry due to the unexpected attendees. I was taking rigorous classes at the time, so I spent time studying and completing after school for a couple of hours, and I was up to 2 o’clock nearly every night to create more jewelry and made sure everything was set before the big day. This was expected to be my first major event to attend, yet the day turned completely upside down. Apparently, the management for the event was not organize; therefore, I did not get the chance to sell any products. I was very upset due to the opportunity that I thought I had and the amount of time I put into it. I did not want to give up since it was one event. But eventually, I was asked to participate in a Christmas market, and I gained hope once again and prepared myself for this event as well. When the day finally came, I was extremely excited, telling everyone that I was selling my jewelry. By the end of the day, unfortunately, I still did not receive any sales. Within a 3-4 weeks at two events, I did not receive any sales whatsoever, and at this point, I questioned myself, “Is this business really for me? Is this my purpose in life?” I began to lose some faith and hope in my purpose and did not want to even touch or look at my jewelry for a few months, but I began to look at myself as a failure simply because of all the adversity I have experienced with customers and unsuccessful events. All the negative things hit me all at once. I no choice but to reconsidered myself because I did not want to live as a failure. Everyone depended on me to be successful since I spread the word of how I was making jewelry. How would I look if I told them that I gave up on my passion?

I wanted to experience the life that was for me, which led me to have a closer a relationship with God. When I did, I had absolutely no money, and out of nowhere, the same sweet friend of mine that first bought my jewelry wanted me to repair a pair of earrings for her. I told her not to pay anything, but she paid me $25 regardless. I knew I needed the money, but of course, I was not going to tell her that. When I spent more time with God, two weeks later, I received a phone call from a boutique, willing to pay $300 worth of jewelry to place in their store. My faith grew heavily, leading my sales to increase tremendously throughout the year, and I gained hope into my business. Since then, my life changed.  

If you want something in life, work hard for it and make sacrifices. You’ll experience challenges, but everything will fall into place.  

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-Lakia Taylor

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