The Growth Of My Youtube Channel

The Growth Of My Youtube Channel

During my freshman year of high school, I had began my growing obsession with clothes, and with little friends that year and nowhere to wear them to, all I knew was that I had a couple of really cute outfits that I wanted to share with the world.

With more than just a few failed blogging attempts and thousands of awkward pictures later, I gave up on my journey to make it big on the internet until one day the idea of making a YouTube video struck me upside the head. So I grabbed one of my closest friends who also shared a love of styling and we headed on out and filmed our very first video, on an iPhone I must add, for our new channel. So step one was complete, now all we needed to do was put some cute music in the background, upload, and the views would come piling in. I thought to myself 'wow, how much easier could this be?', little did I know I was very, very wrong.I want to say the first 20 or so views were from Mack (my friend) and I and the other 10 were from my grandma, and that's basically where the views ended. 

After trying again and again to make it big we FINALLY hit 100 subscribers after a year. Not a big feat but it was a monumental moment for the both of us. Unfortunately Mack and I did split and I took over full ownership of the channel and our solid subscriber base of probably just our closest friends. After many videos later, a change in camera quality and editing upgrades, things weren't picking up and I was starting to get disappointed. I had considered giving up until I realized I still had 200 subscribers. That's 200 people I would let down, and although that's not a lot, it still matters. But that was all about to change when one day I had decided to make, in my opinion, the simplest video ever, and it was a video of me cutting a hole into my jeans.Yes that's right, one hole. And to this day it has around 800k views and has allowed me to gain almost 10,000 subscribers.

So long story short don't give up, it's okay to start small, because you never know what's going to happen. Good luck :)

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