Poetry You Can Feel

Poetry You Can Feel

An aching heat will 

Reside in your stomach 

It will light up every 

Alley In your heart 

A forest fire that was 

Not made for saltwater 

Tears to put out 

The pulsating sensation 

Of passion running red 

Through your veins 

Every scream follow 

With a gust of ash 

You are the fire that 

No one but you can destroy 

And even when you collapse 

Into yourself 

You will rise again 

- To have a phoenix heart -

My mother has always 

Been a tall oak tree 

She has rooted herself 

In the darkest and richest

Soils of the earth 

No storm has shaken the 

Branches that have torn 

Through the clouds 

She has carved a home out 

Of herself 

And this is the why I do 

not wish to blossom like 

A flower with age 

I want to tear through 

The earth and rip through 

The heavens

- What strength looks like -

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