The Importance Of Feeling Whole, Always

The Importance Of Feeling Whole, Always

"Loneliness is sign you are in desperate need of yourself"  - Rupi Kaur

There can be unsettling times in our journey, where we feel incomplete. The absence of self love is what causes the feeling that something is missing. This is when times seem as if you could be all alone in this world. We sometimes tend to look to others to temporarily fill the void, but that only opens up more doors that are much healthier closed instead. In these times we can become vulnerable, even victimized, welcoming self pity to make it's own special appearance. If you've ever felt like all you have is yourself, trust my words when I say this isn't a bad thing, and it's the undeniable truth. When life has knocked you off your feet, you are the deciding factor if you want to try again. You have to give yourself more credit, and see just how far you've made it up to this point. You must recognize your unbeatable strength, and even when faced with the unexpected you somehow rise above any obstacles set up, making it thus far.

This realization is living proof that you have yourself if no one else because the power to continue lies within you.  I can admit to a past history of looking outside of myself for completeness, it seemed easier to fill my day with distractions so I wouldn't be reminded of any emptiness that lived inside me. After time I had no choice but to face what I had been running from, myself. Life has a way of allowing us to avoid certain things for only so long. When you strip away the illusion of being separate from yourself you reach a new level of connectedness to all things around you. No need to search for another half when you are already whole. There are many ways of being there for yourself: exploring your mind, your thoughts, and letting your heart speak its position too. Self reflection can give you insight into your true feelings, the ones you were completely unaware of due to all the commotion from the outside world. When you are able to confront your deepest fears, you clearly see what's been holding you back. The transparency of self allows you to ponder your heart's desires making your goals appear more realistic and achievable. One of the biggest blocks in life, is our fear of being alone, our fear of being separate, of being different, of being looked at as a failure because we didn't succeed the first time we tried. These fears are the main reason we give our truth away, the reason why dreams remain just dreams.

It is when you heal the fear of being peculiar, at odds with self, that you begin to see what life is truly about. Our creative power drawing inspiration from personal experience only is this the case when we set aside time for ourselves. Value isolation and do not fear it, throughout the day remain observant, taking in useful information, later you can make the connections allowing you to connect even deeper with yourself. Life is about the search for meaning, finding the meaning that is most true for us, then acting on it.

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