Five Ways To Be Happy After A Breakup

1. Accept that it's over and you need to move on

We all go through them. Breakups are just a natural part of life that we all have to experience at some points in our lives. But some people just have a hard time accepting the fact that it's over. Acceptance is the first key to moving on and letting go.Don't dwell on the past. It's time for you to let all of the negative energy from the previous relationship go and bring new and positive energy into your new one.

2. Take some time to yourself

You will most likely not feel like you want to talk to anyone and that's completely normal. You just need to take some time to reflect and work on bettering yourself so you know how you're going to approach your next relationship and all of the things that you shouldn't do in it. Some times life becomes so overwhelming that we rarely find time to ourselves to work out our problems. So just relax, take some deep breaths, and take some time out to really find yourself and get to know the real you better.

3. Have a girls night with your girlfriends

Your girl friends have been the ones with you throughout your whole relationships. They've had your back no matter what. So why not treat yourself to a nice night out with your girls? Put on your best dress so you're feeling confident and sexy, some high heels, style your hair to your liking and go out and have some fun! You only have one life and you shouldn't spend it moping on about a relationship that is over and done with. You deserve to be happy and to enjoy all the things life has to offer.

4. Find a support system

We all have them.It could be many people or it could just be that one person that you always go crying all your problems too and they just sit there and listen. It could be a best friend of yours, your sister or your girlfriends. If you don't have one, go out and find one. Find someone who is not going to judge you, who is willing to just listen to you cry all your problems away while they comfort you. Find someone who offers the best advice that you could have asked for. Going through a breakup is hard enough,but having to go through it alone is even harder. You need people around you that you know you can depend on and come to them with your problems and they'll welcome you with open arms.

5. Know that everything happens for a reason/there are plenty fishes in the sea girl!

He's not the only guy on this planet. You'll find some one else who will make you happy. Everything happens for a reason, after all and maybe you two just weren't meant to be. Just be patient, keep smiling, and in time, you'll be in a more healthier and happier relationship and you'll be forgetting all about that breakup of yours!

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