My office may look a little different than your typical cubicle and may not have a desk, or even a chair in it, but it certainly has its perks. The main perk is that I can wear anything! Unless I have a Skype meeting, which means I just have to wear something cute on the top half! I have a routine that I stick to every day so that I don’t lose motivation.  Most days I like to get up, eat a good breakfast, read the news, get showered and dressed and ready just like everyone else so that I have no excuse but to start working! Sometimes I work in a coffee shop, but most of the time I work from my kitchen table in my apartment or from my bedroom, which I know, is dangerous. Yes, I know research says not to mess up where you sleep/rest with where you work but ya know what I am being honest with y’all, and sometimes I work from my bed!

On days when I don’t want to put on a dress or “real” clothes and I know I don’t have to go anywhere, a pair of comfy boxers and a simple t-shirt is all I need. Who doesn’t want to be cozy?

Recently I discovered MeUndies and MAN those Facebook ads don’t lie people. You need these. When I opened my package I literally said to my friend “these feel like butter”. They are so incredibly soft. The t-shirt is great for sleeping, but also for pairing with jeans or a skirt and running out for the day! It is such a great fit, not too tight and not too baggy. Does anyone else ever wake up with their arms coming out of where their neck is supposed to be or is that just me? Anyways, that doesn’t happen in this shirt.

Let’s chat numbers here real quick. For women, a cute pair of underwear can cost as much as $30 these days. MeUndies prices are $16-$18 for women, almost half of those pricey pieces out there, but the quality does not reflect the low price at all. For men (or women!), the boxers are $20-$24. You can also save some money by buying them in packs of 10, 6, or 3! The cotton is such high quality and so breathable. These are boxers that you want to steal from your boyfriend and wear, or make it easy, buy a pair for yourself!

Shop the MeUndies look seen above here:

T Shirt HERE

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Although these pieces were sent to me c/o MeUndiesall opinions are my own. 

Photos by Catherine Threlkeld Photography

Website: prepofboston