Let me introduce myself first before I get into my journey as a Speaker, Entrepreneur and a Author.

My name is Hayley Mulenda, I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in London (United Kingdom) I am East African, Ugandan and Congolese to be exact. I think that’s all the basics covered? I am a regular girl who just aspires to inspire others. My aim is not to change the world but the change lives – I follow something Tupac Shakur says “I don’t want to change the world, I want to spark the brain that will” I want to help someone else accomplish their dreams, reach their aspirations and achieve the best in life.

Looking back at my achievements and accolades I would definitely admit that I have achieved a lot for my age, however I give all glory to God – through God everything is possible and he’s guided me and helped me along the way. I’ve been recognised by the Huffington Post, BBC (Featured on BBC1XTRA Radio) Newham Recorders, Austrian Blogs and even an American online magazine! The recognition I have received so far has been humbling especially because the more recognition I get, the opportunity increases for me to help others; not just on a national scale but global scale.

I’ve talked to thousands of young people across the UK and Africa, I have conducted talks in the houses of parliament and conducted a university tour across the UK and school tour in East Africa.

So you’re probably thinking how’s the journey been like? Crazy. ABSOLOUTLEY BONKERS.

I’ve had so many people turn me down, give up on me and leave me during the journey, the journey is lonely especially as a entrepreneur, sometimes others don’t understand why you have to invest so much time and effort into your business, whilst I was in university I used to miss socials just so I could work on business plans and go to business meetings – I was the “odd one out” amongst my flatmates because it was always me who would miss out on “fun” to do business.

People turning me down was heart breaking but sometimes you need a no to work harder, sometimes you need that resistance – I always say “a sling slot needs to be pulled back before it can propel forward” sometimes you need something to pull you back, sometimes you need to be under pressure because no diamond is formed without pressure.

Also the fact that I lost loved ones on my journey because they didn’t believe in me anymore that was eye opening – it made me realise that you can’t depend on anyone and no one owes you nothing, you OWE you the best, no one else. Losing others made me find myself and God – so at the end of the day, I am happy I had people leave me and stop believing in me because 1) I found out who my real ones are – the real people are not the people who go in the limousine with you, your real ones are the people who are willing to jump on a bus or even walk when the limousine is out of service. 2) I also started believing in myself and started working harder because they always say “the best type of revenge is success” I have so many people who are waiting on my downfall, so I’m going to keep them waiting by the Grace of God. 

I would definitely say that my environment has also contributed a lot to my accomplishments, my mentors, friends and family – they’ve helped me a lot. I always say “if they’re not helping you grow, they have got to go” I have amazing people around me – people who contribute to my success and growth. A flower can not blossom in a toxic environment and it can not blossom if you feed it bleach so I am always mindful of the people I talk to, the people I surround myself with and also what I feed myself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Mental Health and Physical health is important, earlier this year (2016) I got into a really bad place, I was suicidal and in hospital. Physically and mentally I was messed up and now that I am nowhere near the place I used to be in I have realised the importance of looking after yourself mentally and physically. Eat well, drink well, sleep well.. Laugh, live, have fun!

Have good friends, listen to good music, dance and enjoy life! I always say count your blessings and not your problems, the attitude of gratitude helped me a lot. So far I have talked about environment, health and set backs – I think the last thing I would definitely say has helped me along my journey is love. Giving love to myself and others. I am a very loving person and I realised that loving others is probably the best thing you can do, love is priceless – love makes the world go round.

The best thing you can do in this world is love. Loving other, loving yourself and loving what you do. I guess the reason why I am so successful in what I do is because I genuinely love others, I love helping people so this makes me operate from the heart – another thing is I love myself and the reason why this is important is because you can’t pour water out of an empty bottle So I am always making sure that I am looking after myself so I am able to help others properly, lastly I love what I do – “passion produces productivity” which allows me to produce amazing results because I love what I do for a living, I love helping others. The process of my book wasn’t easy, I stayed up for hours day after day trying to think about how to word something or how to expand on an idea but I think the one thing I learned this year is “keep it simple”

My book “The ABCs To Student Success” is a simple self development book for students.

Whenever students go through trials, set backs or any struggle in life they forget the life lessons which will enhance them and allow their set back to turn into a comeback. The first thing you will learn as a student is the alphabet, the alphabet is something you will never forget in life, whether you’re 3 years old or 35, the alphabet will be stuck in your head for life! But why is it that we are so quick to forget the daily life lessons in our life but we will never forget the alphabet?

This book is here to interlink the concept of the alphabet with life lessons. If you link what you know with what you don’t know, you will never truly forget. This book is a smart, motivating, innovative and competent guide that will ensure you are being pushed closer to success through the concept of the alphabet. Every letter will include a life lesson and a set task to ensure you are making productive steps towards your success. The whole concept of to the ‘ABC’s to Student Success’ is to teach life changing lessons, life changing content and motivation by using something everyone knows and remembers.

Writing my book wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it. I guess the journey to being a speaker and entrepreneur wasn’t easy too – nothing worthwhile in life is easy but hey..success isn’t a destination but a journey, the lessons I learned are priceless and through these lessons I realised that “everything gets better at the end and if things are not better, it’s not the end”

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