Before You Drift Off To Sleep

Before You Drift Off To Sleep

The thoughts that you have just before you drift off to sleep, floating through your mind and begging to be heard, to be listened to. Sometimes positive and full of light, sometimes dark, and immediately forced away.
The thoughts you have as the warm water trickles down your face as you stand in the shower, just barely whispering and chattering away, inspiring and thriving through your mind.

These isolated thoughts, the ones we too often push away and hush before we even hear them out; these are the ones that may change our lives. The emotions that want to speak to us, the ideas that want to be let out, to escape and share themselves with the world through your understanding and creativity, those are the thoughts that will change you, that will change the world. Sometimes, inspiration doesn’t hit you like a truck, it doesn’t scream and shout for days on end, waiting for you to finally acknowledge it...sometimes it’s fleeting. Sometimes it’s hard to hear over the emotional depth you experience, the stresses clouding your mind, the chores and errands that must be completed before you shut your eyes once again, and drift off to sleep. Sometimes, inspiration is a silent dance, a quiet mumble, only jostling your mind once, just enough for the idea to linger, for it to sit quietly until the inspiration forms into an idea.

Sometimes, that inspiration will leave. Sometimes, it’s okay to tell it to wait a moment, it’s not time yet. Sometimes, it’s okay to focus on those errands and chores, but not forever. Inspiration and creativity are funny things, ever so desired and longed for in the world. But, little do we realize, we all have it. Sometimes, our minds are just too busy to hear it. Most of the time, we push them down with the thoughts and emotions we don't want to hear. Afraid to be alone with our own thoughts and our true feelings, we miss our inspiration. We let our creativity subside into the distractions we fill our time with, leaving little time to our own being, alone with itself. Its thoughts and feelings that may hurt, that may jerk some tears, that may cause some pain to reflect upon, but while suppressing this, we suppress our genius. We suppress our creative entity that births so many incredible ideas, if we only let it. The passion this can ignite is not always beautiful and pristine, it is most often messy. Sometimes, it’s confusing, it’s a concoction of thoughts and emotions molded ever so gently into an organic framework of you and your love. It’s hard to learn, but you do not need to suppress your anger, your fear. Instead, use it to fuel that creativity. Use it to let go and reflect upon those emotions. Evoke passion and further inspiration with your ideas and creativity. There is no one stopping you but yourself.

Attached is a video that I genuinely came up with when I was in the shower, thinking of this exact message, this exact topic, a note of inspiration snuck itself into my mind. I haven’t taken inspiration and run with it as related to a big project like this one in a while, and it felt incredible to watch my vision come to life with passionate individuals. This is a very real and tangible version of manifesting your creativity into your life, and watching it grow as you do. Something incredible happens when you start tuning into yourself, and for you, I’ll let you figure that out on your own.

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