It all started Monday the 17th of August, at 4:50am.

I woke up with a weird tingling sensation in my back.  Mind you, this feeling was way different than what I felt the 53 other times I went to the Labor & Delivery Department thinking it was “time.” These felt like a wave creeping around my body.  They would start in my tummy, & roll all the way around my sides & into my back, where they stayed for about a minute. I laid in bed quietly next to Adrian, wondering if it was really worth it to wake him up- I mean they didn’t hurt that bad.

I downloaded a contraction timer and started timing them.  The calm little waves would roll in every 4-5 minutes. Not going to lie, I got extremely excited.  After thinking in depth for about an hour about how this really may be it, I got out of bed. I went into the living room, & rocked around on my big yoga ball to get things going a little more.

“Ok baby, you can come out now…

We are ready for you, mama…

I really hope you aren’t tricking me again…”

Suddenly, as I’m rocking back & forth having conversations with my girl…


YOU GUYS. I have never ran so fast in my life. I darted into our bedroom & spider-monkey leaped onto Adrian while cry-screaming.  I was so scared.  I was clinging onto Adrian for dear life as we sat there through the after-shocks. After the shaking was over, I looked up at Adrian & said, “BABE!! SHE ANSWERED ME… I think she’s telling us she’s coming.”

Mind you, Adrian has no idea why I wasn’t in the bed in the first place.  No idea that I had already been up for 3+ hours with ongoing contractions.  No idea that I was practically begging Ayda to make her debut seconds before there was a gigantic earthquake.  No idea that our baby is BASICALLY A MAGICIAN.

Okay so, it took about 3 hours of convincing him that I was really having real contractions.  We had so many false alarms that even I was questioning myself.

We lived in a city on the outskirts of San Francisco.  But me being the planner that I am, I insisted that Ayda be born in the city of San Francisco.  (If you know anything about the Bay Area it’s that traffic is RIDICULOUS.  For example, my work was 2.7 miles away & I had to leave 45 minutes ahead of time (via car) in order to make it.)

ANYHOO, after a few walks around the block, & packing our last minute hospital bag, the contractions became more regular, & more intense.  I had heard horror stories of women delivering babies in their cars & I was not about to give birth on the Bay Bridge no matter how legendary it would’ve been.

We decided to head to the hospital just to be safe.

At this point it’s about 4pm.

I was dilated 1cm *queue sobbing* but was having regular contractions every 2 minutes.

They came back to check me every 2 hours….

2cm… (they wouldn’t admit me until I was 3cm)

2 hours later & a million more contractions…


I called my mom so she & my grandma could start the long drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco (it was about 8pm now) I got moved into a nice cozy room & woke up to the new additions to my support team around 2am. Fast forward a bunch of hours because literally it was just the nurses checking my cervix & a ton of disappointment that I wasn’t progressing.. I had been envisioning in my mind that I was going to do this all natural but after almost 24 hours of contractions, & no sleep, my body really started to give out on me.

It’s now 7pm on the 18th of August & I finally reached about 6cm.. Yes it took that long for me to progress… I’m sitting there, joking around in between contractions with Adrian & my family, trying to keep a positive attitude despite the pain, & then I heard a pop & water starting spewing out of me! (It was until this exact point that Adrian was still convinced they were going to send us home & that this was just a false alarm again)

As soon as my water broke he said “Wait so we’re staying this time?!” Oh boy…

After this happened, honestly everything was just a blur… It’s like your mind blocks everything else out, you’re so consumed in the moment, & your body just takes control.

Before the epidural...

was so physically & mentally exhausted that at around 9pm I decided to get an epidural. I had just had enough. I was freezing cold & not getting a lot of oxygen.  I don’t remember this but Adrian told me that my eyes were rolling back in my head & I was losing consciousness during contractions…It was bad.

I was allowed to have one person in the room with me while getting my epidural.  Of course it was my man! He held my hand & practically squeezed the life out of me from him watching that big ol’ needle enter into my back.  They gave me a couple of numbing shots prior to so I didn’t feel a thing.


The epidural hit me immediately… My legs went numb, I couldn’t feel my contractions, and for the first time in God knows how many hours, I was relaxed, & fell asleep for a little while before the fun really began. (I even had some time to fill in my brows hehe)

By around 10:30pm, the nurse came in & I was 10cm dilated… WTF HOW?? She told me to just relax as they began prepping for delivery…


Although it didn’t really hurt anymore, I literally felt like I was going to poop on the bed. I told her, “Ummm I think I need a bed pan” (you can’t walk after an epidural).  She reassured me that that was just the baby descending down & getting ready.

I was like “OK NO I AM GOING TO POOP.”

She checked again & sure enough, her head was right there.

I just kept telling her, “I have to push, I have to push..”

She wouldn’t let me because the doctor wasn’t in there yet.  I could tell she started to panic a little because her head was literally sliding out of me on its own…

She got on the loud speaker & said “I need ANY doctor in here NOW.”

Then I began to panic… I told her I couldn’t hold off any longer & she looked at me & said, ok do you want to do this right now??

I didn’t even answer… I just pushed…as hard as I could…

The doctor finally showed up… She guided me through it all..

*LOL moment*

My mom took a video of me & in between very loud grunts through pushing you hear me say, “CAN I GET SOME WATER PLEASE???”

My damn throat was so dry. I requested a mirror when I first arrived because duh, who wouldn’t want to watch a baby come out of their vagina?

I saw her little head come out…

The doctor guided her shoulder’s out & looked at me & said, “Do you want to pull her out?”

“UM YES!!?”

I grabbed underneath her tiny armpits & at 11:43pm, 36 hours later…

I pulled that little lady out of me...

I laid her on my chest & was just in complete shock.

For everyone wondering what my first words were to her, they were,

“Oh my gosh her little nails I just want to paint them!!!!”

Idk. I was out of it ok.

Meanwhile, Adrian was on the phone with his parents the entire time since they weren’t able to be here… I look up at him & he is BAWLING HIS EYES OUT.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I was so caught off guard.

I think for guys, it doesn’t actually hit them until the baby is here.  Which is totally understandable, I mean they aren’t the ones who have a human inside of them for 9+ months. He didn’t touch her for a while.. I think he was just in such a daze… But he couldn’t stop staring at her.

The nurses left her on me for about an hour.. She just laid there on me… I couldn’t grasp the fact that this beautiful child was just inside of me minutes before..

We stayed in the hospital until Friday... It wasn’t until we got in the car & put her in her car seat, that I broke down crying. Adrian heard me sniffling in the back seat where I was sitting & I just said, “I can’t believe we get to take her home!!!”


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