When You Find Your Person

When You Find Your Person

Life is full of so many changes, so many cycles, so many experiences. If you find that throughout all of those time periods that something draws you back to that one person, keep them. Whether that person is a friend, a lover, both, or that person doesn’t necessarily have a label, cherish them always. Don’t let them go. Feel lucky that you have found such a person. 

If you find that you met someone 8 years ago, and you continued with your life throughout those 8 years; you met other people, did different things, grew as a person, loved other people, didn’t love other people, or you just lived life, but somehow, that one person was still always in your thoughts, keep them.

If you find that you could never imagine yourself not being close with this person, always stay by their side. 

There is a Japenese legend called the “red string of fate.” According to this legend, this invisible red string, flows out of your pinkie and goes on to intertwine with the red strings of other people connecting your heart with theirs.Two people who are connected in this way are bound together by fate itself. Sooner or later, they are destined to meet, no matter how far apart they live or how much their life circumstances differ. And, when it happens that encounter is certain to profoundly affect both of them. The strings can sometimes become tangled, which could postpone the meeting or even complicate. But, those ties will never be broken.

Your person doesn’t always have to be a lover. Your person could simply just be someone that you feel truly belongs in your life. Sometimes the roles of that person change, and you should be comforted by the fact that no matter what, they will always be a friend.

If you have met your person, you will know. You will want to always have this person in your life, because they have added so many positive things to your soul. You and your person help each other grow and nourish. Things may come up, and you and your person may not always be side by side, but you are still attached and internally connected by this string. 

Some people come and go in our lives. But, the ones that you are always drawn back to are the ones to keep forever.

To my person: I love you, 


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